Independent Machine Company Computerized Respooler With Liner Inserter

IMC introduces its latest innovation in computerized spooling equipment. The offline
single position respooler traverse winds a composite string from a previously wound
spool. Adjustable constant unwind tension is controlled by an electronic brake
through ultrasonic diameter measurement feedback. The driven capstan is the main speed reference of the machine and provides tension isolation between the unwind and rewind. An area for visual web inspection and manual splice is conveniently positioned.

The rewind accommodates a range of spool sizes and entry of the material
onto the spool is controlled by an interchangeable guide roll sized
to the product width. Programmable rewind tension, accurate to within 7 grams
throughout the speed range is controlled through the exclusive IMC Dancer Tension Controller and diameter measurement.

Programmable traverse adjustments that include pitch, stroke length, end dwell and winding pattern are entered through an operator keypad and controlled by a computerized servo drive and IMC Smartwinders® software.

A sheeter/inserter provides a cut to length paper liner that is inserted at each traverse layer to protect the strand from touching itself as the spool is rewound.

The three drive system is controlled through an Allen-Bradley PLC and A-B Panelview Touch screen. The process is protected by a lexan safety enclosure with interlocks.

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