Incubators come in refrigerated and diurnal models.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 25 ft³ and redesigned 10 ft³ versions, Refrigerated Models 6011/6021 and Diurnal Models 6012/6022 are designed for medium to large loads with full temperature ranges from 5-70°C. Units are earth-friendly and include gROD(TM) Refrigeration on Demand control system, which manages power consumption. Both types also have built-in foam insulation, blower motor, and refrigeration system, allowing units to operate on standard 115 V, 20 A outlet.

Original Press Release:

CARON Introduces New Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators

(Marietta, OH, April 29, 2009) CARON introduces a NEW line of Refrigerated (Models 6011 & 6021) and Diurnal (Models 6012 & 6022) Incubators. The product line includes the new 25 cu. ft. and redesigned 10 cu. ft. Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators. These new incubators are designed with the end user in mind, including more customer-friendly and earth-friendly features and innovations.

The new heavy-duty, Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators are designed for medium to large capacity loads with full temperature ranges, from 5°C to 70°C.

These units are "earth-friendly" and include CARON's new gROD(TM), Refrigeration on Demand, control system. gROD(TM) efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity, contributing to lower utility bills. Both units also have built-in foam insulation, a blower motor and refrigeration system, allowing the unit to operate on a standard 115V 20A outlet and making them energy efficient.

"CARON is embracing environmental responsibility by reducing energy consumption with our new gROD(TM) control system," said Bob Dotterer, applications engineer. "Our customers will be delighted to see we continue to raise the bar with our new products."

CARON's innovative design is loaded with customer-friendly features to ensure product quality and usability. New 25 cu. ft. Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators come complete with factory-installed, heavy-duty casters and will roll through a standard 34" x 80" doorway without modification. Redesigned 10 cu. ft. models are stackable, which adds convenience for customers.

The ergonomically designed door handle allows easy access into the chamber and to your valuable samples and contributes to workplace efficiency. A lockable control panel provides additional security to meet your laboratory needs.

CARON's unique design also includes a "tool-less" removal of interior components, minimizing downtime for cleaning and allowing you to change interior configuration to adjust unit to your specific needs.

"The new Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators offer more flexibility and features than ever before," Dotterer said. "We designed these units so the customer has the ability to optimize the incubator for their specific application."

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About Caron:

CARON Products & Services, Inc. is a Marietta, Ohio based manufacturer of environmental chambers for temperature and RH exposure testing; photostability chambers to conform to ICH Guidelines Q1B; reach-in CO2 incubators for small to large scale, high volume cell culture; and baths/circulators for precise temperature control of laboratory devices. For more information on CARON, visit our website at, contact us at 800-648-3042, fax 740-374-3760, or e-mail

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