Incremental Encoder suits AC vector motors.

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Kubler by TURCK T8.A02H 3.5 in. hollow shaft encoder uses dual bearings that are preloaded and locked in place, preventing disk table movement. It has extended speed range of 6,000 rpm for continuous duty cycles, and optional M12 eurofast® quick disconnect, which eliminates need to assemble MS style connectors. For mounting to rear of motor, C-face tether fits onto 4.5 in. C-face bolt pattern, or slotted style tether fits up to 8 in. pitch diameter.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the New "Kübler by TURCK" T8.A02H Incremental Hollowshaft Encoder

Minneapolis, MN-December 17, 2004-TURCK announces the new T8.A02H "Kübler by TURCK" 3.5 inch incremental hollowshaft encoder. This encoder was specifically designed for use on AC Vector motors yet can be used in many other industrial encoder applications.

One of the most common reasons for mechanical failure of an encoder is bearing failure. The T8.A02H encoder uses dual bearings that are preloaded and locked in place. This feature will prevent disk table movement, which in turn will increase bearing life and prevent failures. The T8.A02H encoder also stands apart from the competition with an extremely high shock rating of 250 g's that allows it to continue functioning where other encoders fail.

In a typical Vector motor application, isolation between the encoder and motor chassis must be maintained to reduce the effects of noise and current. Optional isolation inserts are offered with the T8.A02H to act as both a thermal barrier, reducing the amount of heat that the encoder encounters from the motor shaft, as well as an electrical barrier, reducing the effects of noise and current on the encoder. The inserts for this encoder come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate bores up to 42 millimeters in diameter.

The "Kübler by TURCK" line offers two types of tethers to facilitate mounting the T8.A02H encoder to the rear of a motor. The first type is a "C-face" tether designed to fit onto a 4.5 inch C-face bolt pattern, and the other is a universal slotted style that can fit up to an 8 inch pitch diameter. The universal tether can also be used to attach the encoder to a motor fan cover.

The T8.A02H has an extended speed range of 6,000 RPM for continuous duty cycles, and an optional M12 eurofast® quick disconnect, which eliminates the need to assemble complicated MS style connectors. The T8.A02H is also available with a variety of output circuits, bore sizes and connection types to provide the customer with the ideal encoder for a variety of elevator shaft, converting, conveyor, and other AC motor applications.

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