Incremental Encoder simplifies installation.

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Series M56 Thin-Line(TM) incorporates Wide-Gap(TM) sensor technology, which eliminates alignment procedures, and increases life by reducing contamination problems. Edge-Guard sensor technology protects critical sensor elements from accidental contact with rotor as well as from contamination. Encoder/tachometer features narrow ¾ in. profile, double C-face for mounting accessories, and has no bearings, couplings, or wear parts.

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Industrial Encoders/Tachometers Announced

New Sensing Technology Provides Simple Installation, Longer Life Compared to Conventional Products

CLEVELAND, OH-April 29, 2003-Avtron Manufacturing has announced a new series of encoders/tachometers* for general industrial use. The new M56 Thin-Line(TM) products incorporate the company's new Wide-Gap(TM) sensor technology, which greatly simplifies installation by eliminating time-consuming alignment procedures. Wide-Gap technology provides a 57% larger operating gap between the magnetoresistive sensor and rotor and 50% increase in air gap tolerance compared to conventional sensors. In addition to easier installation, the gap increases the product's life by reducing contamination problems, (Dust, for example, is less likely to create problems.) This benefit is particularly important for motors with limited out-of-specification tolerances.

Additionally, the M56 Thin-Line products incorporate new Edge-Guard sensor technology, which protects critical sensor elements from accidental contact with the rotor as well as from contamination. The product has no bearings, couplings, or other wear parts, making it one of the most reliable configurations available.

The M56 Thin-Line products have an exceptionally narrow profile (3/4", 20 mm), which allow them to be installed in places conventional products cannot fit. All are equipped with a double C-Face for easy mounting of accessories without adapters.

The Avtron M56 and related products are compatible with nearly all-major industrial motor brands.

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