Increasing Sustainability and Cuttings Costs with Hedwin Pail and Drum Liners

Here at Hedwin we're more than just the Cubitainer®. We are committed to bringing you the best plastic packaging solutions, and our pail and drum liners are evidence of that commitment. These liners are designed to be used in your pails and drums, allowing you to cut down on waste, costs, and the use of harmful chemicals. By lining each drum, you can dispose of the liner, insert a new one and reuse the drum. You also preserve the integrity of the drum itself.

One of our customers is a very large cosmetics company. They batch and store their makeup colors in 55 gallon drums. They used to use each drum once and dispose of it, thereby creating the need to order several truckloads each month. Once they started using our liners, they added more lives to each drum. Not only did they save money on the cost of drums, they also saved on the costs of shipping and disposing of the drums.

Less drum shipments means cutting carbon emissions from trucks, which goes a long way toward increasing the sustainability of each project. In addition to cutting down on waste and emissions, Hedwin liners also alleviate the need for harmful chemicals. Many businesses use these chemicals in an attempt to clean and reuse their drums, a task made unnecessary through the use of our liners.

Attempting to clean and reuse drums also creates quality issues. As an example, many of our customers package ink for use in large scale print rollers. If a drum is not completely clean, that leftover contamination can get on the rollers creating a need to "stop the presses!" So in addition to the many other benefits we've discussed, our pail and drum liners can actually reduce down time at your facility.

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