Increased Profitability for Ethanol Plants from Newly Developed Technology by Pulse Combustion Systems

Payson, AZ, July 2, 2009. James A. Rehkopf, President and CEO of Pulse Combustion Systems, announced today the successful completion of a series of drying trials in which the Company perfected a unique method of drying Condensed Distiller's Solubles (CDS), culminating in the filing of multiple patents with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The Company also gained Trademark registration for the terms Dried Distiller's Solubles® and DDS®. The development of the drying methods and prototyping of product applications for DDS® was carried out at Pulse Combustion Systems' Payson, AZ process development and manufacturing facilities.

"We are very pleased to make this announcement," said Rehkopf, "because we have created an entirely new product from the byproduct streams of corn ethanol plants. Until now, no one has been able to spray-dry CDS to a stable powder form on an industrial-scale basis - hence, our pending patent applications and the approval of our trademark for DDS®."

CDS is most commonly used as the "S" in the production of DDGS (Dried Distiller's Grains & Solubles), a low value commodity animal feed that is in oversupply. Ethanol plant operators see very narrow margins on these byproducts, and therefore this development opens up new profit opportunities for ethanol plant owners.

"Our Company has spent considerable time and resources developing this capability," explains Dr. Jeffrey L. Tate, EVP of Product Development, "and we are excited about now bringing unique and profitable DDS®-based products to market. Our DDS® has already been successfully tested in three applications: (1) DDS® BioComposite, a biorenewable, energy saving process aid for thermoplastics; (2) DDS® Sustained Release Carrier Systems, an organic-qualified carrier base for creating sustained release formulations for lawn and garden pest control products; and (3) DDS® High Performance Feed, a highly palatable and bioavailable animal nutrition product that can be custom compounded to meet specialty livestock and companion animal diet requirements."

For more information and to obtain product samples please contact Dr. Tate at 651-260-2876 or at

About Pulse Combustion Systems

Pulse Combustion Systems is a business unit of J. Jireh Holding LLC and offers a complete spray drying solution for any product: development of drying parameters in PCS's pilot facilities; contract drying in the company's production-size dryer; and dryer sales, fabrication, and installation. Industries and applications served by PCS are diverse and include pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, food, chemical and minerals & mining. PCS's patented spray drying technology makes a superior powder at reduced capital and operating costs, and is well suited for customers with mid-to-high-value products who demand excellent powder quality. The two step PCS process for determining client suitability is 1) performing a sample drying evaluation of the product in question and 2) evaluation of the results in terms of powder application suitability and client return on investment. Complete information and trial drying instructions for Pulse Combustion Systems is available on the web at: .

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