Increase The Life Of Your Equipment

POBCO manufactures Plastic & Wood Conveyor Components, many of which are designed to reduce friction between moving equipment parts. We offer several new and improved extruded, molded and machined products. Two of these are highlighted here.

PLASTIC NECK GUIDES are used on bottle conveyors to reduce friction and static electricity on pet bottles as they are being conveyed at rapid speeds on air conveyor sections. Many plastic materials have been tried, but failed in this highly static application. Recently POBCO PLASTICS introduced new and improved profile designs with a high performance red or gray UHMWPE. Tests and customer application results show much longer life and reduced static, which has greatly reduced maintenance time and expense on these conveyors.

PLASTIC PULLEYS have been used in industry for many decades. POBCO has developed many new and improved molded and machined pulleys that guide round, flat and v-shaped belts and cable. The applications for these pulleys are numerous and include cable conveyors and exercise equipment. Often these pulleys run smoother and last longer than metal pulleys due to their renduring of lower friction and reduced wear. Belt and cable life is extended, coupled with better resistance to many oils, solvents, and acids. They are fully corrosion resistant.

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