Increase Speed of Dry-down While Removing Water Content, Salts, Buffers and Modifiers

Middleton, Wisconsin - Gilson, Inc., an industry leader in purification systems for HPLC, SPE and GPC clean-up, introduces a solution that will remove 95% water content in fractions thus decreasing dry-down time. Gilson's Fraction Trapping Liquid Chromatography (FTLC) System is unlike any system on the market today and incorporates the durability of the GX-271 Liquid Handler/Injector, the power of three 306 HPLC Pumps and the precision of the 155 UV/VIS Detector with the ability for column switching via the VALVEMATE® II Valve Actuator.

The revolutionary FTLC System is ideally suited for processing fractions up to 25 mL volume and sample masses up to 500 mg that have been purified on virtually any preparative HPLC system. The collected fractions are re-processed on the FTLC System. The compounds are trapped on a polymer-based column and the water content of the fractions passes through to waste. Additionally, washing steps can also be performed for removal of salts, buffers and mobile phase modifiers such as TFA that can hinder further LC/MS analysis. Fractions containing greater than even 50% water content can be processed and collected in 100% of organic solvent. This allows for fast dry-down times at lower temperatures for samples that are heat-sensitive. Dry-down times of 12-24 hours can be reduced to less than 30 minutes.

Gilson, Inc. manufactures high-quality, dependable purification solutions for today's demanding Liquid Chromatography, Solid Phase Extraction, Liquid Handling and Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up requirements. Gilson's innovative products will provide durability, flexibility and ease-of-use to revolutionize your lab the industry has come to expect from Gilson. For more information about Gilson, Inc. products or services, visit

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