Incom Polymer Fused Fiber Optics Enable Interactive Tactile Feedback Button Displays to Revolutionize Video/Audio Editing Consoles

Combing Fairlight's patented Picture Key Technology with Incom's optics delivers control surfaces that have endless design and feature possibilities

LAS VEGAS and CHARLTON, Mass. - Incom, the world's largest supplier of innovative glass and polymer fused fiber optic solutions, continues to enable a cadre of variable, tactile user-interface technologies for consumer and commercial dynamic digital display systems. At NAB 2016 (booth N6019), OEM-partner Fairlight, a leading supplier of adaptive control surfaces and digital audio/video production equipment, will showcase a range of solutions featuring Picture Key Technology enabled by Incom polymer fused fiber optics. Solutions on display include audio mixing consoles, PYXIS for EDIUS video controllers and vision switching controls from broadcast solutions experts SUZOHAPP.

Incom polymer fused fiber optics enable Fairlight's Picture Key Technology by seamlessly transferring images into places that traditional displays could never fit--completely transforming the look, feel and function of digital interfaces.

"Fairlight has taken the concept of tactile user interfaces to a new level of flexibility, delivering faster throughput and more intuitive operation. Using Incom's fused fiber optics dramatically improves the brightness and the usability of control surfaces, buttons, and knobs, which have the ability to change display labels and functions," said Philip Belcher, CEO for Fairlight. "Providing multi-level menu based content usually only found in touch screen displays with the confidence, accuracy, speed and safety of tactile buttons and controls results in faster workflow, better performance and assured accuracy."

The Incom polymer fused fiber optics used in Fairlight's Picture Key Technology are suitable for a wide range of applications across many industries, including automotive multimedia, building automation, aviation cockpit panels, kiosks, medical, process control and any other human interface applications where users benefit from an adaptive digital tactile interface.

"Incom and Fairlight share an innovative spirit for, and proven history of changing the face of displays to advance customer experiences and industry capabilities," said Michael A. Detarando, President and CEO for Incom. "Applying Incom's polymer fused fiber optics to Fairlight's Picture Key Technology gives manufacturers endless design possibilities to enhance features and performance by, cost effectively, turning conventional displays into customizable, interactive viewing surfaces that can take the shape of any geometry or contour imaginable."

Incom will be at the NAB Show April 18-21, 2016. Contact Jeff Solari  for a meeting and/or demo at Fairlight's booth N6019.

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