Incline Conveyor Accessory optimizes capacity, belt life.

Press Release Summary:

Offered as accessory for incline conveyors, M2510 is 3 in. high scoop flight release is engineered to enhance throughput and optimize use of plant space. Scoop increases plastic modular belt carrying capacity, allowing for reduced conveyor speeds while reducing product damage. Suited for carrying light product up inclines, acessory compliments HabasitLINK® M2510 belt style.

Original Press Release:

Habasit Releases New Incline Conveyors Accessory Solution

Habasit Releases New Incline Conveyors Accessory Solution M2510 Three-Inch High Scoop Flight Release

HabasitLINK® announces a new accessory solution for incline conveyors. The M2510 three inch high scoop flight was engineered to increase throughput, increase belt life, reduce product damage, and to also maximize plant space.

The scoop equips the plastic modular belt with a higher carrying capacity compared to a straight flight. The increased capacity allows for reduced conveyor speeds in addition to reducing product damage. This accessory, which compliments the HabasitLINK® M2510 belt style, is ideal for carrying light product up inclines. Habasit is the only manufacturer in the world to offer scoop flights for one-inch pitch plastic modular belts.

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