Incandescent Lamps feature triple tungsten filament.

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Super Service line lamps have average life of 20,000 hr and brass base to prevent corrosion. Lamps contain 93% Krypton fill to slow depletion of tungsten. Three Getters eliminate impurities that shorten lamp life, and 7-support filament mounting allows lamps to function in areas of high vibration. Units are available in different colors and finishes, and in S14, A15, A19, A21, and A23 shapes and sizes.

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Get the Longest Life Incandescent Available with Super Service

The Super Service line of incandescent lamps from Litetronics International, Inc. have an average life of 20,000 hours. That is 28 times longer than standard incandescent lamps.

The triple tungsten filament extends the life of Super Service lamps far beyond other incandescent bulbs. Unlike other brands, Super Service lamps also have a 93% Krypton fill. This slows the depletion of tungsten, helping to preserve the filament. Super Service lamps have three Getters, which eliminate impurities that may shorten lamp life, most incandescents have one. These elements combine to give Super Service lamps the maximum possible life.

The Super Service lamps have a seven-support filament mounting that allows the lamps to function well, even in areas of high vibration. Plus, the brass base prevents corrosion, making replacement easy. Super Service lamps are available in many shapes and sizes: S14, A15, A 19, A21 and A23. With a variety of colors and finishes available, there is a Super Service lamp to fit any need.

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