INC-3, Robust Shaft Encoder for all Weather Environments

The "IncOder" line of rotary encoders from Zettlex is known for performing in harsh environments, however it has recently redefined its own limits by operating flawlessly in -100° Celsius conditions. The IncOder can be manufactured to perform in temperatures that range from -60°C to +125°C, but breaking the -100°C barrier does not necessarily come as a surprise for this robust device.

One key to the IncOder's remarkable performance record is its low "temperature coefficient". The IncOder's inductive technology is significantly less vulnerable to temperature variance when compared to similar devices' capacitive, optical, magnetostrictive, or Hall Effect technologies. This fundamental advantage is evidenced in the IncOder's continued success in applications that subject the device to inclement environments. The rigidity of the mechanical design and potting ensures that there is little to no movement of internal electronic components in the face of the expansion or contraction that is typical of temperature variances, further bolstering the IncOder's reliability. Perhaps most importantly, the IncOder's technology is unaffected when applied in any of the numerous mechanical forms that are available from Zettlex.

This device earned its reputation for ruggedness and reliability in Defensive applications, but is well suited for deployment in any number of fields. The IncOder is an ideal candidate to replace pancake resolvers, optical or magnetic encoders, and many other sensors across agricultural, avionic, and industrial applications.

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