InAs Windows have blocking range broader than germanium.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring refractive index profile of silicon, polished and coated indium arsenide (InAs) offers transmission edge of 3.1 µm at 80K (cryogenic) and 3.8 µm at 298K (room temperature). Windows may be manufactured with surface qualities approaching 10-5 per MIL-PRF-13830. Complete blocking below 3.0 µm, due to natural material absorption, enables production of fully-blocked filters in 3-5 µm and 8-12 µm spectral bands.

Original Press Release:

Reynard Indium Arsenide

Indium Arsenide
A Simpler Solution!

San Clemente, CA - Reynard Corporation, a leading global supplier of optical components and custom thin film coatings announces the addition of polished and coated indium arsenide (InAs) to its list of manufacturing capabilities.

InAs combines the refractive index profile of silicon with a short-wavelength blocking range broader than germanium. Reynard Corporation routinely manufactures InAs windows with surface qualities approaching 10-5 per MIL-PRF-13830. Substrates can be coated and verified to meet any customer spectral requirement from room temperature to 80K. Coatings are routinely verified to pass the adhesion, humidity, and moderate abrasion requirements of MIL-C-48497A.

Key characteristics:
Transmission edge is 3.1um at 80K (cryogenic)
Transmission edge is 3.8um at 298K (room temperature)
Refractive index is comparable to silicon in the 3-5 ?m and 8-12?m spectral bands
Complete blocking below 3.0um due to natural material absorption

Cryogenic filters for remote sensing
Laser limiter
IR imaging, single band and multi band

The benefit of InAs is that it enables infrared optical system designers to explore the trade space between improved system performance and allowable manufacturing tolerances. The extended blocking range offered by InAs enables the production of high performance, fully-blocked filters in the 3-5um and 8-12um spectral bands. In comparison to classical approaches, InAs based thin-film coatings require fewer layers to meet out-of-band blocking specifications while maintaining superior in-band transmission.

"Using InAs instead of the more commonly known IR materials can reduce optical component production costs which results in lower system costs with improved optical performance" says Forrest Reynard, President of Reynard Corporation.

Eliminating "dig" defects is of paramount importance for filters used above focal plane arrays (FPA's) as such defects render blind any underlying pixels. Samples manufactured by Reynard Corporation have been verified to approach 10-5 per MIL-PRF-13830.

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