In the Boondocks, National Guard Conquers Communication Sterile Environment

Deploying into the middle of nowhere, Air National Guard relied upon TAC-PAK and SATPAK mobile command systems during recent Global Guardian exercise.

(Fort Collins, CO) An unexploded bomb, an enemy HAZMAT lab, and a building fire recently combined to create havoc in Georgia. When the Air National Guards' 125th Fighter Wing CBRNE and Emergency Management Teams responded, they found themselves deployed away from the city of Savannah and deep into the remote backwoods of Fort Stewart, GA. In this challenging power and communications sterile environment, the responding CBRNE and EM teams were left to establish incident command and operate with only the mobile command tools that they brought.

Given intelligence indicating an enemy hazardous materials lab hidden within a multi-story building, a recon unit responded and was quick to recognize the need for additional resources. The recon team requested support, and a man-portable TAC-PAK mobile command system, manufactured by 308 SYSTEMS ( was quickly transferred and operational within 5 minutes. "I was handed a TAC-PAK and told to set it up. Once I opened it, it was really easy to get things going" said one Staff Sargent.

Activating their TAC-PAK, the command post created a wireless data network that enabled team leaders to coordinate essential tasks using readily available smart phones. This enabled the recon unit to share information, request support and coordinate with the arriving forces. Now acting as a coordinated team with the newly arrived forces, CBRNE personnel were able to effectively clear the building, locate the lab and complete their mission.

Just then, chaos struck as one observation post lost its satellite signal and thus its ability to exchange valuable data within the response. A nearby post quickly deployed their SATPAK Internet data repeater, also manufactured by 308 SYSTEMS(, and lit up the crippled observation post with satellite Internet from their operational TAC-PAK, thus quickly transitioning the observation post back to fully functional status.

Luckily, this was all part of the Global Guardian 2012 training exercise, a display of joint military forces from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, the Guard and Reserve tasked in coming together as a coordinated air and land unit in a simulated wartime environment. The units participating were preparing for real world deployment, and mistakes are not an option. Intent on introducing real world challenges, the experienced coordinating staff used creative exercise injects such as virtual exploding enemy bombs, chemical sliming and random building fires that would render forward teams suddenly without various capabilities.

These injects continued to bring the toughest of challenges for the participating ANG Emergency Management Teams to tackle. Less resilient then the men and women of the 125th were the battery powered devices in constant use. In a remote location such as this, the answer for power was found in the TAC-PAK's 120v and 12v accessory power outputs. Personal devices such as laptops and cell phones, and even the 6 port radio charging station became a TAC-PAK charging priority.

Devices such as the TAC-PAK mobile command system, and SATPAK Internet data relay system proved vital to the Global Guardians mobile teams in rugged environments where larger equipment was not available or could not be deployed. When the 125th teams were told to deploy or re-deploy quickly to a fallback location, their "Command vehicle in a box" enabled them to pack up and move out in seconds.


At the vanguard of rugged field command/communications, for 14 years 308 SYSTEMS has provided forward thinking Ultra-Agile Mobile Command and Communication solutions to a broad spectrum of commercial, government, and military customers. From its headquarters in Fort Collins, CO, 308 SYSTEMS has established a legacy of innovation and leadership in developing advanced, integrated communication systems that satisfy the customized specifications of military, government and commercial clients. These technical capabilities are available on multiple GSA schedules, and are complimented by a focus upon technical excellence, quality products, and uncompromised integrity. For additional information, please contact Mr. Mark Lueker, Director of Advanced Projects, 217 Racquette Dr. Ste 3, Fort Collins, CO 80524; Telephone 970/282-7006; Website:; Email:

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