In-Line Disintegrator reduces tough solids.

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Designed for use in pipeline systems, SUPER SHREDDER® has maximized open area for fluid flow and features spherical shredding mechanism that cuts and shears sewage solids into fine bits. It employs 2 hard faced, stainless steel, wear-resistant cutters that minimize component count in machine. Unit also includes S-250 auto-reversing control system that senses jam conditions and automatically reverses.

Original Press Release:

SUPER SHREDDER® Reduces Tough Solids

The SUPER SHREDDER® in-line disintegrator easily reduces tough solids entrained in pipeline systems including waste sludge, oil solids, animal wastes, agglomerates and more. The unit combines unsurpassed grinding capabilities with streamlined, easy to maintain features. Innovative design provides a high level of open area to fluid flow making the Super Shredder ideal for applications requiring a heavy duty size reduction processor that can handle high flows with minimal headloss. In most cases, the headloss is 50% less than with twin shaft units.

The SUPER SHREDDER features a patented "spherical shredding" mechanism that cuts and shears tough sewage solids into fine bits. The hard faced stainless steel cutters offer unsurpassed wear resistance. Because of the spherical rotor design, the SUPER SHREDDER has far less moving parts and therefore requires far less maintenance than units with banks of cutter disks. With two easily replaceable one piece cutters, maintenance is convenient and down time is minimal. Included with the SUPER SHREDDER is a S-250 Auto-Reversing control system that senses jam conditions and automatically reverses.

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