Impulse Optics is Now Offering Dielectric Mirrors

Encinitas, CA, March 16, 2007 - Impulse Optics is now offering narrowband and broadband dielectric mirrors. Dielectric mirrors are highly reflective and are ideal for laser and optic applications. Narrowband dielectric mirrors are available in wavelengths of 441.6 nm to 1500 nm, and broadband mirrors are available in wavelength ranges 450-700 nm, 650-1000 nm, and 1000-1400 nm.

Narrowband laser line mirrors are designed for high reflectance with high laser damage thresholds at specific laser wavelengths, and are suitable for laser cavities or other laser applications. Dielectric multilayer coatings are deposited on the laser grade substrates using physical vapor deposition (PVD) technologies. These coatings are extremely durable, making them resistant to damage from repeated cleanings.

Broadband dielectric mirrors are highly reflective over a wide range of wavelengths, and are designed for tunable laser and white light applications. The specific wavelength range is determined by the combination of different dielectric stacks. Broadband dielectric mirrors that fully cover the visible spectrum, Ti:sapphire output spectrum, or the near infrared spectrum are available. Broadband dielectric mirrors are often used as laser cavity mirrors, thin-film beamsplitters, hot and cold dichroic mirrors and the coatings on modern mirrorshades. They are intended for use at 45° incidence. Normal incidence is available on request.

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