Improving Dispersion and Blend Characteristics of Organic Fertilizer Actives

October 2007

A large manufacturer of organic fertilizers approached Quadro to help them mill an organic extract additive to their fertilizer. The additive was in the form of spores and as a result, particle sizes varied. The larger particles did not blend or disperse easily into the end product. To overcome this problem, the manufacturer required a PSD of 100% of the spores to be milled below 90 micron at 100 kg/hr to eliminate over-sized particles. A secondary goal was to achieve a very narrow PSD bell curve to optimize spore dispersion and release uniformity when applied to the fields during crop planting.

The Quadro® Fine Grind F10 easily milled the spores from a d90 of 228 micron to a d90 of 26.8 micron (conversely, from a d100 = 1000 micron to a d100 = 79 micron) at 100 kg/hr. The F10 could also mill the product even finer by increasing RPM, varying feed rate, and other process parameters should the customer require an even finer PSD profile in the future.

The Quadro® Fine Grind F10 is a complete stand-alone process plant that affords benefits to the processor including savings through reduced downtime, minimal space requirements, rapid product changeover and enhanced process efficiency. Other advantages include quick disassembly for maintenance, tool change and cleaning, low power consumption as compared to traditional mills, and low noise. The Model F10 promotes uniform grinding capabilities producing higher yields on specification and has a wide tooling selection to meet all grinding requirements.
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