Improving Concrete Testing by Duplicating Real-World Conditions

Remote Monitoring and Alarming Solution from CAS DataLoggers

CHESTERLAND OH - A large manufacturing technology company contacted CAS DataLoggers after being asked to develop a best practice method for testing the cure and strength of structural concrete in the field. Normal testing requires large margins for error due to variations in ambient conditions between test and field site locations. Ideally, test samples should be cured under the same conditions as those of the structure in the field to allow for formwork to be removed and construction advanced at the earliest possible time, as soon as the concrete has reached adequate strength. Therefore, reproducing real-life curing conditions in a lab would enable the company to accurately estimate the concrete strength faster than possible under conventional methods. For this application, a monitoring and alarming device was needed, and remote communications and data accessibility were must-have capabilities.

CAS DataLoggers provided the construction project with a dataTaker DT80M data logger with inbuilt cellular modem to handle the data collection and remote transmission. The project supervisor installed the logger inside an industrial enclosure placed next to a new concrete foundation, connecting several thermocouple sensors to the dataTaker to record actual field temperatures within the poured structure. After each concrete pour, a number of test samples were transported to the laboratory for immersion in a water bath. The bath's temperature was continually monitored and controlled by a heating and cooling system which was controlled in turn by the DT80M. Reference temperature set points were obtained remotely from the DT80M via its integral cellular modem.

At regular intervals the dataTaker unloaded all its measured data collected during the last period. This data was checked for errors by the data logger program and then used to set the temperature of the water bath holding the test samples. The dEX graphical interface software provided with the logger was used to chart the field and test sample temperatures for reference in the laboratory. This process gave a highly accurate replication of real site conditions and provided solid data suitable for improving curing process management.

The inbuilt modem sent data to all specified email addresses and could also utilize an FTP server. Additionally, whenever temperatures went out of specification, the dataTaker immediately sent an alarm via email and SMS messages. For convenient remote access, users simply connected to dEX or the command interface.

The tech company put the dataTaker DT80M to good use in their concrete curing testing, taking readings from all the different thermocouple sensors to get a good indicator of future best practices. The dataTaker system formed an all-inclusive datalogging solution suitable for small to large scale applications. The logger's rugged design and construction provided reliable operation even under extreme conditions, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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