Improved Model HC Cosmetic Pin Machine Easily Accomodates All Standard SPIROL Cosmetic Pins

September 15, 2008

Danielson, CT- SPIROL International, a global leader in cosmetic case hinge pins and assembly equipment, has released its next generation assembly machine for plastic cosmetic cases. SPIROL produces 10 different standard Cosmetic Coiled Pins. The particular Coiled Pin selected for a cosmetic case depends on the size, shape and design of the case. SPIROL has enhanced the design of the proven, reliable Model HC horizontal pin inserter, where each machine had been dedicated to one particular Cosmetic Coiled Pin size and to one particular cosmetic case.

The newly released machine can accommodate any standard SPIROL Cosmetic Coiled Pin and can easily be changed over to run different cases and different pins. This increases the versatility of the machine and allows customers to purchase one machine to run multiple products; essentially lowering the return-on-investment (ROI) of the machine.

In addition to the ease of change-over to run any standard size Cosmetic Pin, the new machine was designed with lower weight, improved corrosion resistance for humid environments, simplified electronics, a superior stainless steel feeder bowl and two different style case fixtures to readily accommodate rectangular or round cases.

Consistent with SPIROL's innovative history, the newly designed Model HC Cosmetic Pin Machine provides enhanced features while at the same time, the cost of manufacturing has been lowered which has allowed SPIROL to significantly reduce the end machine price, thus, improving the ROI on the machine.

SPIROL has been supplying the cosmetic packaging industry for more than 15 years.

SPIROL engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution at the lowest installed cost. To access this service, select Installation Systems under the Optimal Application Engineering portal on the left side of this page.

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