Improve Efficiency with Pneumatic Spray Gun

Polyset, a leading manufacturer of polymer materials and expansion joint systems, offers a pneumatic dispensing gun engineered to facilitate the installation of Ply-Krete® and Ply-Seal® Joint Systems for bridges, parking structures, architectural applications/stadiums, airports, and wastewater treatment facilities. It may also be used with 2-part coatings that are spay applied.

The Polyset FP Gun mixes, sprays, and dispenses most 2-component materials - like Ply-Primer and Ply-Bonder - from dual cartridges onto the prepared surface. The FP Gun is designed to eliminate the need to manually mix and apply the primer or bonder, allowing the installer to significantly reduce application labor and time from 60 minutes down to 6 minutes. With the FP gun there is less waste because the unused material remains in the cartridge ready for the next application, practically eliminating any cleanup; just toss out the used mixing tip.

The FP Gun is ideal for all expansion joint applications that require a primer and a bonder. The gun may be fitted with airless mixing tips that allow for dispensing without spraying for those products that do not require a spray application, such as sealing control joints.

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