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Impedance Instrument is traceable to NIST.

Press Release Summary:

Model 1730 LCR Digibridge will measure, display, and output results of any two parameters, including: series or parallel capacitance, ac resistance, inductance, dissipation factor, quality factor, equivalent series resistance, impedance, reactance, and phase angle. It is suitable for fast throughput of component evaluation in high volume production environment. It has 0.1% accuracy, test frequencies to 100 kHz, and high resolution LCD graphical display.

Original Press Release:

QuadTech Introduces The 1730 LCR Digibridge For Impedance Measurements

The Alternative To The Agilent 4263B, For $1000 Less

Maynard, MA - QuadTech, Inc., formerly GenRad Instruments, announced today that it has added a new LCR meter to its widely recognized Digibridge family of impedance measuring instruments. Boosting an unsurpassed price advantage and fast measurement speed, the instrument was specifically designed for fast throughput of component evaluation in a high volume production environment. The 1730 features measurement of 12 impedance parameters, 0.1% accuracy, test frequencies to 100 kHz, high resolution LCD graphical display, plus monitoring of AC voltage and current to the device under test.

The 1730 will measure, display, and output the results of any two parameters, including: series or parallel capacitance (C), AC resistance (R), or Inductance (L), dissipation factor (D), quality factor (Q), equivalent series resistance (ESR), impedance (Z), reactance (X), and phase angle (0). The unit's basic measurement accuracy is 0.1% and provides seven programmable test frequencies (100 and 120 Hz, 1, 10, 20, 50 and 100 kHz) for characterizing devices over a wide range. The large, high resolution LCD graphic display makes for clear, concise measurement results and provides a user friendly menu interface for easy setup and programming. A test signal monitoring function displays the voltage across and current through the test device, leaving no doubt what the actual test conditions are.

The 1730 offers a number of other exceptional features including, setup storage, fast measure speed, programmable source impedance, and binning capability. The test operator has the ability to store and recall up to 50 unique test setups from the instrument's internal memory. This ensures that a test can be configured quickly and run the same way every time. A choice of three measure modes are available (fast, medium, and slow) for varying degrees of accuracy and speed up to 62 measurements/sec. The 1730 provides the operator with the ability to select the instrument source impedance at 25/100 ohm, 25 ohm, or 10 ohm constant current mode, a very useful function when comparing measurements to those made on other testers. The unit also includes a programmable Hi/Lo comparator function and 8 sorting bins for pass/fail testing and categorization of components.

Additionally the 1730 includes the IEEE-488 and handler interfaces for adapting to production environments or remote control and datalogging applications.

The introductory price of the Model 1730 is $2,995, which includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate. A selection of optional test leads and fixtures are available for connecting to a variety of leaded or chip components.

For more information on the QuadTech 1730 meter, please call (800) 253-1230; fax: (978) 461-4295 or visit for full product specifications and special introductory offer.

About QuadTech:
QuadTech, an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer, offers a complete line of instrumentation, LCR meters for testing passive components, Hipot testers and ground bond testers, safety analyzers, megohmmeters and milliohmmeters, as well as calibration and repair services. Based in Maynard, MA, QuadTech has a worldwide network of direct sales and distributors who service and support customers around the globe. In the United States, all of QuadTech's products carry a 45-day money back guarantee. In addition, QuadTech provides new product rental and lease plans and offers guaranteed trade-in allowances for future instrument purchases.

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