Impact Protection System guards fixtures from everyday bumps.

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Comprising wall and corner guards, baseboard and bumper mouldings, handrails, and entire systems, CartGuard Impact Protection System provides day-to-day impact protection and shock displacement dynamics from push carts. Flexible and rigid PVC/polycarbonate profiles, available with various glossy finishes are complementary corners/end caps, snap on to corresponding 12 ft long mounting channels that can be affixed to any type of protection-worthy surface.

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Outwater Introduces its Cart Guard Impact Protection System

OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC., LLC, Bogota, NJ ( - Outwater Plastics has you completely covered from floor to ceiling with its comprehensive offering of Impact Protection, which includes Wall and Corner Guards, Baseboard and Bumper Mouldings, Handrails as well as entire Impact Protection Systems.

Outwater's CartGuard Impact Protection System provides ultra low cost, superior impact protection and shock displacement dynamics from push carts for fixtures, merchandisers, walls or applications in which damage might be sustained from unintended day-to-day impacts.

Available in a multitude of glossy finishes with complementary Corners and End Caps, CartGuard's flexible and rigid PVC and/or Polycarbonate profiles simply snap on to corresponding 12-foot long mounting channels, which can be readily affixed to any type of "protection worthy" surface.

The CartGuard Impact Protection System is available in four different formats:

GreenGuard 1 & 2:
Outwater's rigid profile GreenGuard1 (1-inch width) and GreenGuard2 (2-inch width) exceed the impact performance of high impact PVC by 29% and ABS by 63%. Manufactured from a minimum of 91% pre consumer polycarbonate waste, GreenGuard 1 & 2 are not only 100% Recyclable (with laser etched recycling symbols and resin ID codes), they are 100% Chlorine free (PVC free & Vinyl free), do not emit hazardous dioxins if incinerated during waste disposal, and contribute towards satisfying LEED MR Credit 4.1 and MR Credit 4.2. GreenGuard 1 & 2's profiles match those of Outwater's flexible CartGuard 1 & 2 for a seamless transition from rigid to flexible impact protection as dictated by the application.

CartGuard 1 & 2:
Designed to easily wrap around curved fixtures and cases with radii as small as 4-inches, Outwater's flexible profile PVC manufactured CartGuard1 (1-inch width) and CartGuard2 (2-inch width) are intended to work perfectly with Outwater's rigid GreenGuard 1 & 2 without any discernable difference from one other.

CartGuard 35:
Comprising a 3-inch wide rigid PVC profile with integrated decorative ribbing to help hide scuff marks, Outwater's CartGuard 35 is great for use in applications that are more susceptible to impact or simply necessitate a greater degree of protection.

CartGuard V:
Intended for vertical corner protection, CartGuard V is similar to that of Cart Guard 35 in that it is manufactured of rigid, decoratively ribbed PVC (in 8-foot lengths with 1-3/4-inch legs), and can be used in conjunction with the other Fixture and Wall Bumpers within the CartGuard line.

Color pictorials and ordering information are available online at

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OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC., with facilities in New Jersey and Arizona, has served its customers since 1972 as "the source" for in stock, ready-to-ship standard and innovative component products.

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