Immersible Pumps stand up to corrosive fluids.

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Webster S Series is based on thermoplastic, sealless design with fully enclosed impeller. Process media does not contact metal. CPVC, PPL, or PVDF construction is available with Viton® O-rings. Because pumps do not utilize bearings, they can run dry without damage, and can be operated against closed discharge valve. TFE fume barrier protects non-overloading, totally enclosed motor from damage that may be caused by corrosive fumes.

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Thermoplastic Immersible Pump Stands Up to Corrosive Fluids

Based on a plastic, seal-less immersible pump design, the Webster S series pumps from Hayward Industrial Products, Inc. are constructed of corrosion resistant plastic and feature a fully enclosed impeller. This design is exceptionally well-suited to the pumping of abrasive process media with applications to be found in aeration, agitation, filtration, recirculation, spraying, and transfer in industries such as plating, electronics, photo processing, pollution control, chemical processing and water treatment.

These heavy-duty, plastic pumps are built to be virtually
maintenance free, reducing downtime and improving productivity, while the seal-less construction eliminates leaking and costly seal replacement inherent in other pump designs. S-series pumps are designed so that the process media will not contact metal to ensure that corrosion is never a problem and that sensitive process fluids will not be contaminated. System operators have their choice of CPVC, PPL or PVDF construction to meet the requirements of almost any corrosive or ultra-pure process application. The standard Viton® O rings will stand up to the most demanding of applications.

Because they do not utilize pump bearings, Webster S-series pumps can be run dry without damage, an important application consideration. They can also be operated against a closed
discharge valve and, for even greater application flexibility, a TFE fume barrier protects the motor from damage that might be caused by corrosive fumes.

All of Hayward's Webster S Series pumps feature a heavy duty, non-overloading, totally enclosed motor as standard, with motors and pump heads matched for continuous duty throughout the entire
pump performance range. All motors are epoxy painted to stand up to aggressive operational environments and have a 56C frame. Both single and three phase motors are available with a wide selection of voltages.

Complete information and performance specification on all Webster pumps are available at the Hayward web site.

For more information, contact Don Treslar, Hayward Industrial Products, Inc., 900 Fairmont Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07207. Phone: 908-351-5400 Ext. 2213. Fax: 908-351-7893. E-mail: industrial@ Website:

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