Imaging System records frame rates to 100,000 frames/sec.

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Model HG-100K digital imaging system utilizes CMOS sensor. Sensitive to light, HG-100K is rated to 400 ASA for color systems and 1600 ASA for monochrome. It can record high-speed events at 1000 frames per second, with 1504 x 1128 pixel resolution. System's global electronic shutter offers exposure times to 5 microseconds to eliminate motion blur and deliver razor sharp images. Its 1000BaseT Ethernet interface allows remote camera control.

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Next Generation 1.7 Megapixel CMOS-based Camera is Capable of Recording Rates Up To 100,000 Frames Per Second

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 1, 2002 - Redlake MASD, Inc. today announced an ongoing product development partnership with Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND) to develop the HG-100K - expected to be the world's leading high-speed digital imaging system. The technical competencies of each company are highly complementary for the development of a network-based, state of the art high-speed digital imaging system that is well-suited for a variety of applications such as automotive vehicle impact testing, airbag deployment testing, military weapons testing, and research and development.

Redlake, a global leader in high performance digital imaging products, has decades of experience in optical sensor design and utilization, color processing, image post-processing and High-G mechanical packaging. In addition, the company has achieved ISO 9001 manufacturing certification for its San Diego plant.

Wind River is a recognized leader in embedded real-time solutions for connected devices. The HG -100K system will leverage Wind River's proven development tools and run-time software components, and will involve a significant team from its Wind River services business unit, bringing technical skills that include network/device management, digital video processing, high bit-rate hardware design and systems integration. In addition, Wind River's services team has extensive experience in rapid product development and is skilled in configuring its highly specialized engineering talent and rigorous project management processes for the challenges of each new customer engagement.

"We are delighted to partner with Wind River on the development of the HG-100K," said Will Crocker, Vice President of Roper Industries, Inc. (NYSE: ROP), Redlake's parent company.

"We have established a long-term business relationship with Wind River and look forward to collaborating with this high caliber company on other important projects as well."

"Wind River is very excited to be working with Redlake on the HG-100K product development," said Brad Murdoch, VP and General Manager of Wind River's Services business unit. "Wind River's combination of reliable, proven embedded technology and in-depth hardware and software project services resources puts us in a unique position to help Redlake meet their goals and timeline for this development program."

Designed for capturing high-speed events in harsh environments, the HG-100K will utilize an exclusive CMOS sensor, and provide performance not typically associated with other CMOS based systems. As a result, the HG-100K will be extremely sensitive to light, with an "equivalent to film" rating of 400 ASA for color systems and an astounding 1600 ASA for monochrome systems.

The HG-100K is intended to record high-speed events at 1000 frames per second, with a resolution of 1504 x 1128 pixels. Frame rates to 100,000 frames per second will be available at reduced resolutions. The system will have a very fast global electronic shutter, with exposure times down to 5 microseconds, to eliminate motion blur and deliver razor sharp images. A 1000BaseT Ethernet interface will allow remote camera control and rapid download of TIFF or compact Bayer format images.

Compatibility with legacy systems will be a key attribute of the HG-100K. Previous customer investments in Redlake's HG, HG-TX and CR Imager systems are protected because these systems can be integrated within the HG-100K system environment. New HG-100K systems and legacy systems in the customer's facility will be simultaneously controlled.

HG-100K demonstration systems are expected in September.

About Redlake
Redlake ( is an acknowledged leader in high-speed digital motion analysis and high-resolution imaging systems for testing, research and production applications. The company, created in March 2001, is a consolidation of long-time high-performance imaging leaders Redlake Imaging Corporation and Roper Scientific MASD, Inc. (formerly Eastman Kodak MASD). Engineers, researchers and production managers use the company's high-speed imaging products in automotive, military, laboratory and production line applications on a worldwide basis. Redlake is headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations worldwide.

About Wind River
Wind River ( is a worldwide leader in integrated embedded software and services solutions for creating reliable and innovative connected devices. Wind River provides development tools, operating systems, and advanced connectivity software for use in products in network infrastructure, digital consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and aerospace/defense markets. Wind River is How Smart Things Think(TM). Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide.

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