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Imaging software suite, NIS-Elements, provides integrated solution for delivering automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, and peripheral components. Comprised of 4 packages that address specific application requirements, software optimizes imaging process and workflow. Unified design handles time-lapse multi-dimensional imaging tasks and offers support for capture, display, peripheral device control, and data management and analysis of images of up to 6 dimensions.

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Nikon's New NIS-Elements Software Delivers Scalable Functionality - Setting New Industry Benchmarks

MELVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 7 /-- Nikon Instruments, Inc., ( a world leader in the development of advanced optical technology, today announced a new imaging software suite designed to serve the needs of advanced bioresearch, clinical, industrial and documentation professionals. Nikon's Imaging Software, NIS-Elements, provides a totally integrated solution for users of Nikon and other manufacturers' accessories by delivering automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, and peripheral components. The software optimizes the imaging process and workflow and provides the critical element of integrated information management for system based microscopy.

The NIS-Elements suite is composed of four distinct packages scaled to address specific application requirements.

o NIS-Elements AR - is Advanced Research software for fully automated acquisition and device control through full six-dimensional image acquisition and analysis.

o NIS-Elements BR - is Basic Research software for acquisition and device control through four-dimensional acquisition.

o NIS-Elements D - is Documentation software for supporting color documentation requirements in bioresearch, clinical and industrial applications, with basic measuring and reporting capabilities. (Release scheduled for Spring 2006)

o NIS-Elements F - is Freeware, basic image capture software bundled with every Nikon Instruments digital camera.

"Nikon's Imaging Software is a huge step forward in optimizing system performance while providing intelligent automation for bioscience and industrial microscopy applications," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "Our strategy is to establish Nikon software as the world's leading platform for sophisticated image capture, instrument control, data management and analysis."

Nikon's collaboration with our microscope designers, software engineers and microscopy users has resulted in the development of NIS-Elements imaging software. The unified design handles time-lapse multi-dimensional imaging tasks (X, Y, Z, Lambda (wavelength), Time and Multi-point) flawlessly with support for capture, display, peripheral device control, and data management & analysis of images of up to six dimensions to achieve a more productive workflow. The system also contributes to experiment efficiency with a database building feature developed to handle archiving, searching, and analysis of large numbers of multidimensional image (nD) files. Unified control of the entire imaging system offers significant benefits to users for cutting-edge research, such as live cell imaging.

Key modules in each NIS-Elements package include a database capability allowing one-click image acquisition and transfer from a camera to a user defined database. The database supports image and meta-data export to a report generator which allows users to create report templates or direct printed and PDF-based reports. Each version also includes large image stitching capability so ultra-high resolution images can be captured with a motorized stage using sophisticated auto focus capability. Optional plug-in modules are available that utilize Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) allowing the creation of an all-in-focus image from a series of Z-axis image stacks providing 3-D modeling capability and a multi-dimensional image viewer. A real-time 2-D convolution module is available for advanced research applications that supports live on-the-fly or captured deconvolution of an entire image, or specific regions of interest.

NIS-Elements delivers an intuitive interface to simplify workflow, and fast image acquisition speeds via direct streaming to RAM to record rapid biological events. The software supports numerous image processing capabilities including binary and morphological tools for measurement and analysis routines.

Innovative analysis capability includes object counting, automated measurements and time measurements including image ratioing of multi-channel images. An advanced multi-layered document structure is standard, using the lossless JPEG 2000 image format. This sophisticated image documentation structure and makes it possible to achieve non-destructive archiving of image data including annotation (arrows, lines, text notes), measurement data, binary data for storing results of threshold or classification processes, and meta-data information for recording acquisition and device conditions at the time of image acquisition. Flexibility in tailoring the software for specific applications is possible through simple built-in macro recording and the Advanced Macro Builder.

NIS-Elements - Advanced Solutions for your Imaging World is available through Nikon dealers worldwide.

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