Image Scanner processes data through 8-bit parallel output.

Press Release Summary:

Model LMS-Z210 three-dimensional laser-imaging scanner accurately maps targets up to 450 meters, and includes True Color Channel enhancement for texturing. Z210 scans beam along 2 axes over any field of view, and uses high-speed, rotating mirror to direct laser beam. It can map 240,000 points in 30 seconds, generating ~10,000 measurements per second. Scanning Field of View is 300 degrees by 80 degrees. System includes 3D-RiSCAN software.

Original Press Release:

New Generation 3-D Image Scanner Improves Color Texturing Of 3D Models And Provides Accurate Analysis Of Structures And Topography


ORLANDO, Florida --- A new model three-dimensional laser-imaging scanner that quickly and accurately maps targets up to a distance of 450 meters to natural targets have been introduced by Riegl USA of Orlando, FL.

Riegl's LMS-Z210 3D imaging scanner in addition to improved range now includes a new True Color Channel enhancement that dramatically improves texturing of 3D Models by gathering additional color data that realistically portrays acquired targets. The RGB Values are correlated exactly to each measurement pixel. This allows display of complete red/green/blue (RGB) target representations in modeling software packages such as Maya, BitWyse, Octree and 3D Studio Max. In addition it provides effective modeling calibration for high
resolution photography.

This high speed 3D scanner provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional labor-intensive surveying methods by delivering dimensionally correct 3-D images for analysis and monitoring of buildings and structures, quarries and mines. It can also provide dimensional measurements of vessels, furnaces,
tanks and various other structures.

The Z210 scans a beam along two axes over any field of view. Using a high speed-rotating mirror to direct the laser beam over a precise pattern allows accurate three-dimensional scanning of the surface. In 30 seconds, up to 240,000 points can be mapped. Generating nearly 10,000 measurements per second, the result is a very densely populated point cloud of spatial measurements yielding an immediate and accurate 3-D representation of the scene.

Besides reducing labor costs, Operators can safely scan targets without working in hazardous conditions, other benefits include increasing the accuracy and usability of data acquired by increasing the number of points measured.

Technical Specifications

The Z210 is equipped with a rotating mirror for adiustable speed that is capable of capturing nearly 10,000 measurement points per second. Scanning Field of View is 300 degrees by 80 degrees.

Information is processed through an 8 bit parallel data output connected directly to the ECP compatible LDP printer port of a personal computer, laptop or equivalent. The personal computer can be equipped with RIEGL 3D-RiSCAN software for data acquisition and real-time display. This program allows the operator to perform a large number of tasks including sensor configuration, data acquisition, data visualization, data manipulation, and data archiving. 3D-RiSCAN runs on the WINDOWS NT4.0, 2000, and 98 plafforms.

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