Image Digitizer mates directly to charge coupled devices.

Press Release Summary:

Model ADCDS-1405 contains user-configurable input amplifier, correlated double sampling function, and 5 MHz, 14-bit A/D converter in one 40-pin, TDIP package. SMT assembly technique is used to combine mixed-signal ICs and passives in one assembly. Noise specified at sampling rate of 5 Megapixels/sec (145 µVrms) can be reduced to 50 µV. Offerings include programmable input bandwidth, gain and offset adjustments, and internal timing circuits.

Original Press Release:

Image Signal Processor Has Lowest Noise for High-Resolution Applications

14-Bit, 5MPPS Digitizer Mates Directly to Highest Performing CCD's

All Analog Signal Processing in One Package
Developed in partnership with users in the CCD-based, electronic-imaging industry, DATEL's new ADCDS-1405 is a functionally complete, top-of-the-line image digitizer made for direct connection to the highest performing CCD's (charge coupled devices). Among other functions, the ADCDS-1405 contains a user-configurable input amplifier, a critically important correlated double sampling (CDS) function, and a high-speed (5MHz), high-resolution (14 bits) A/D converter in its single, 40-pin, TDIP package.

Multi-Chip Design Surpasses IC's
The ADCDS-1405 uses modern high-density SMT assembly techniques to combine a variety of mixed-signal IC's and passives in a single assembly. Exploiting the best performance characteristics of multiple process technologies, the unit far surpasses the overall performance of any single-chip solution. Optimized parameters include:
o Resolution: 14 Bits
o Sampling rate: 5 Megapixels/sec. (MPPS)
o Noise: 50µV - 145µVrms
o Signal-to-noise ratio: 73dB min.
o Dynamic range: 16,384-to-1
o Differential nonlinearity: ±0.9LSB max.

Programmable Input Bandwidth = Noise Optimization
Because the ADCDS-1405 is a complete assembly, users need not concern themselves with noise-sensitive layout issues involving signal/return paths, analog/digital ground currents, decoupling/filter elements, etc. We've taken care of all that.

Additionally, users can vary the bandwidth of the 1405's input stage to trade-off noise against sampling rate. The 145µVrms noise specified at 5MPPS can be reduced to an incredible 50µV (approximately 1/3 of an LSB) at lower conversion rates.

Functionally Complete...Easy to Use
The ADCDS-1405 requires only two, externally generated timing signals: a reference-hold pulse to initiate the all-important CDS operation, and a start-convert signal to trigger each conversion.

Correlated double sampling is an operation unique to CCD's. It is essentially an analog subtraction function that eliminates the effects of residual charge, charge injection, and kT/C noise on the CCD's output floating capacitor. CDS is critical to applications seeking the highest achievable dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.

The functionally complete ADCDS-1405 also includes a user-configurable input stage, gain and offset adjustments, a precision reference circuit, an out-of-range indicator and all the internal timing circuits referred to above.

High Performance Electronic Imaging
Applications for the ADCDS-1405 include scientific imaging (such as spectroscopy), studio-grade electronic cameras, electro-photometry, astronomy, medical diagnostic imaging, infrared imaging for military or commercial environments, high-quality graphic scanning, and photo-CD image capture.

Low Power Consumption...Small Package!
The ADCDS-1405 consumes a mere 700mW from ±5V and +12V supplies. It is housed in a small 40-pin TDIP and is available for operation over either commercial or military temperature ranges.

Best of All...A Low Price!
The ADCDS-1405 exemplifies DATEL innovation and excellence, in providing its superior noise performance and value ($$$). Benefitting from fully automated SMT-on-PCB assembly, the ADCDS-1405 is aggressively priced at $158 (USA) in 100's-an appealing cost for any high-resolution imaging application! Samples are available from stock to 2 weeks. Production quantities require 4 to 6 weeks.

                  Operating        Analog         Price
Model Temp. Range Input 100's
ADCDS-1405 0 to +70°C 2.8Vp-p $158
ADCDS-1405EX -55 to +125°C 2.8Vp-p $178

Technical and editorial:
Bob Leonard
Product Marketing Manager
Tel: (508)339-3000 x241, (800)233-2765 (USA)
Fax: (508)339-6356

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