Illuminated Signs make words stand out.

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Series ZC, APS, APA, ZCLED, S, A, and High Glow Special Wording Signs provide single- or double-sided, changeable displays with backlit illumination and low-profile design. They are available with incandescent, fluorescent, and LED light sources and aluminum, steel, or thermoplastic housings. High Glow models can be specified with graphic medium that accommodates reproduction of photos and graphics printed on overhead transparency film.

Original Press Release:

Words Stand Out with Illuminated Special Wording Signs from Highlites

New Product: Special Wording Signs - Seven new collections of incandescent, fluorescent and LED special wording signage.

Design: Highlites, Inc. In-House Product Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer: Highlites, Inc. - a division of JJI Lighting Group, Inc.

Product Applications: Highlites' seven collections of Special Wording Signs provide single- and double-sided changeable illuminated signage to clearly mark entrances, exits, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, lobbies, X-ray rooms, off limits and other special-use areas in all commercial, institutional and industrial environments.

Product Description: Highlites Special Wording Signs stand out for their even, backlit, lasting illumination and crisp, contemporary low-profile designs. The product lines encompassing a choice of incandescent, fluorescent and LED light sources with aluminum, steel or thermoplastic housing construction for maximum versatility.

Special Wording Signs can be specified with a choice of more than 80 commonly used special wording phrases as standard readily available options that present a dramatic cost savings compared to custom-ordered signs. Each special wording sign is available in the same choice of letter colors as existing or mandated exit models. Custom colors allow special word signs to integrate into installations with exit signage, and provide design continuity throughout large installations.

All Special Wording Signs can be specified in single- and double-face units for wall, ceiling or end mounting. Highlites proprietary High Glow models can also be specified with a unique graphic medium that accommodates reproduction of photos and graphics printed on standard overhead transparency film. All seven Special Wording Signs - ZC Series, APS Series, APA Series, ZCLED, S Series, A Series and High Glow - are UL and CUL listed for assured safety.

Construction & Finishes: ZC Series and ZCLED housings are constructed of durable die-cast aluminum; APA Series and A Series models are constructed of lightweight corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum; APS Series and S Series units are constructed from rugged die-formed steel; High Glow models are constructed from injection-molded, high-impact thermoplastic housings with polycarbonate light plates. Depending upon model specified, illumination is provided by a choice of incandescent, energy-efficient compact fluorescent or super-long-life LED sources. Highlites can accommodate custom wording requirements and special local code requirements.

Ordering Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for the Highlites' collection of Special Wording Signs can be obtained from Highlites, Inc., 2142 Thomaston Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut 06704. Telephone: (203) 575-2044. Fax: (203) 574-3289. Visit Highlites on the World Wide Web at: Highlites, Inc. is a member of the JJI Lighting Group, Inc. family of distinguished manufacturers.

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