ILC Dover Teams Up With ESCA Soda Blast for Industrial Coatings and Surface Preparation Markets

ILC Dover, a leading manufacturer of PAPR Technology, has teamed up with ESCA Soda Blast, a leader in specialty abrasive blasting products and services. ILC Dover PAPR's (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) are currently found in many healthcare organizations and government agencies. ESCA discovered ILC Dover's products also work great in the industrial market, especially with professionals involved in coatings applications, surface preparation, and clean-up.

"It turns out the ILC Dover PAPR line has broad appeal in the industrial sector, and enables operators to work more safely and comfortably than they have in the past" states Jeff Paduano, President of ESCA Soda Blast. "We are very excited to be working with such a quality-driven company as one of their authorized master distributors."

Traditional respirators in this field utilize the air supply from the same compressor used for coating and blasting operations. This means air quality has to be monitored, sensors have to be calibrated, and costs go up due to increased air consumption. With the ILC Dover PAPR, operators can work freely and untethered from their compressor. The ILC Dover PAPR is OSHA compliant, doesn't require a fit test, and utilizes NIOSH-approved cartridges for both particulate and organic vapor matter.

"We at ILC Dover are proud of our heritage of making NASA Spacesuits, and since those early days, we have grown our product line to include an assortment of top quality Personal Protective Equipment. Working with ESCA has proven our PAPR systems hold up very well under demanding conditions. We look forward to working with ESCA, as they feel just as strongly as we do about creating safer and more efficient workplace environments" says Garry Mack, ILC Dover Regional Sales Manager.

About ILC Dover:

Since 1947, ILC Dover has provided engineered solutions to complex customer problems, serving the aerospace, military, government personal protection and pharmaceutical industries. Known for production of space suits for NASA, ILC is a world leader in the use of high-performance flexible materials, allowing for unique solutions to meet customer needs. ILC's innovative products have been used on the moon, on Mars, and around the globe. Learn more at

About ESCA Soda Blast:

ESCA Soda Blast, established in 1984, is an original authorized ARMEX Soda Blast Media distributor and recognized leader in baking soda and other forms of abrasive blasting. ESCA specializes in providing various types of silica-free blast media, a full range of blast equipment, and blasting services, including surface preparation projects and large scale historic building restorations. Learn more at

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