iGPS Announces Customer Agreement with Martori Farms to Supply All-Plastic Pallets with Built-In RFID-Tracking from Rental Pool

Top Grower and Shipper of Fresh Produce to Test RFID-Tagged All-Plastic Pallet Pool for Fresh Broccoli, Melons.

ORLANDO, Fla. - December 21, 2006 - Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company LLC), operator of the world's first RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool, announced today an agreement with Martori Farms, one of the nation's largest and most innovative growers and shippers of premium quality melons and broccoli, and supplier to major supermarket chains nationwide, to test the iGPS system and RFID technology during the winter of 2006-2007.

"It is significant that our first announced client supplies fresh produce," said iGPS CEO Bob Moore. "The logistics and supply chain infrastructure we have built with our partners since launching iGPS in March is already capable of handling delivery of perishable items which are extremely time-sensitive."

"There are a number of elements that made the iGPS product appropriate for a test program," said Paul Fleming, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Scottsdale, Arizona-based Martori Farms. "iGPS's pallets offer many advantages over traditional wood pallets, including light weight at 47 pounds, greater durability, and a consistent 48" by 40" top deck, all of which could lead to significant shipping efficiencies.

"At a time when the produce industry is adopting greater automation and information technology across its supply chain, the RFID capability of the pallets was also a draw," Fleming added.

"We are looking at ways to integrate the RFID tag in the iGPS pallets into our own Warehouse Management and Product Tracking systems," he said. "We currently use a bar code pallet tag, but if we are able to integrate with the iGPS RFID tag, we could capture all of that information at each logistical point throughout distribution."

iGPS is the only large-scale pallet supply service to provide RFID in every pallet to track shipments in real time, which reduces the logistical cost of shipping and allows companies to verify food and drug safety, as well as to address security issues. iGPS offers the ability to rent plastic pallets at comparable rates and avoid the ongoing expense of owning and maintaining traditional wood pallets.

Additionally, the shift from wood to plastic pallets is environmentally responsible, which is important to companies like Martori Farms that incorporate a commitment to Environmental Sustainability into their business operations. iGPS plastic pallets are 100 percent recyclable and, because they are 30 percent lighter than pallets made of wood, could remove several billion pounds of non-value freight from the shipping and supply-chain infrastructure, resulting in huge potential fuel savings.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Headquartered in Orlando, Fla., with operations in Dallas, Texas, iGPS (www.igps.net) is the first company to provide manufacturers and retailers with an RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool. Launched in March 2006, the company includes several pallet and supply-chain industry veterans led by Bob Moore, chief executive officer, and Rex Lowe, president.


Scottsdale based with operations in Arizona and California, the Martori family has been providing quality produce for over 100 years. Steve and Art Martori, the third generation, are continuing the tradition of customer focus, and innovation through vertical integration and technology investment.

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