IGEL Technology: Support of International Smart Card Solutions Allows Secure User Authentication

READING, England, June 20/

IGEL Demonstrates the Usability of its Integrated Smart Card Reader Supporting International PKI Solutions Offered by AET, NEC, S-Trust, Nexus, GemPlus and Logico.

IGEL Technology's built-in smartcard readers now support security solutions from leading international suppliers, such as AET, NEC, S-Trust, Nexus, GemPlus, and Logico. Thereby, IGEL enables its customers to deploy cross platform security solutions for all Linux, Windows XPe and CE based Clever Clients.

Smart cards make Clever Client Computing even more secure, especially within in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Thereby, the log-on to a server system requires the card as well as a PIN, i.e. a password.

Hence, user authentication occurs through physical connection as well as through data entry recognition. This stringent two-factor authentication decisively reduces the potential of harmful risks.

"The PKI solutions supported by the smart card readers of our IGEL Thin Clients permit safe and personal authentication in order to access servers, data and applications," states Dirk Drdelmann, product manager for IGEL. "The strict authentication process ensures that only authorised persons can gain access to respective server resources. With our commitment in this area and the recent projects with AET, NEC, Nexus and Logico, IGEL takes a prominent position in the Thin Client arena, making an important contribution for more security in enterprises and organisations."

Global technology group Linde AG, for instance, has employed the Safe Sign smart card solution to enable controlled access to computers and networks as well as physical access to the factory premises and buildings. The Safe Sign solution marketed by NEC Deutschland was developed by the Netherlands based Advanced Encryption Technology Europe B.V. (AET).

AET is considered one of the market leaders in certificate-based safety solutions with smart card integration.

IGEL Clever Clients also support the smart card based solutions of Austrian vendor Logico as well as the Swedish based Nexus Technology. The ISO 7816 compliant LOGiCO Secure User Authentication, for example, simplifies the user log-on and therewith saves helpdesk and license costs. Furthermore, the solution allows further optimisation potential, for instance, the use of multifunction company identification cards. These can be used to pay for cafeteria meals, grant physical access to company buildings or serve for time recording systems.

To realise these and further security solutions, the development department of IGEL Technology GmbH closely cooperates with PKI solution providers and continuously integrates the necessary software components into the firmware of the Clever Clients. Thereby, IGEL is able to answer specific customer needs and to meet proven solutions to the Thin Client community.

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