IGEL Delivers the Broadest Range of VDI Supporting Thin Clients Giving Full Access to VMware Virtual Desktops

By implementing a new client with Leostream Connection Broker support in its new Linux firmware, IGEL now offers the broadest, most technically capable, thin clients in the world starting at just 249/£162 (+VAT) for a dual monitor capable device that supports Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Reading, UK, 4th July 2007: IGEL Technology today announced the inclusion of a Leostream client in the latest version of its Linux firmware. The addition of virtualisation, one of the most important digital services to have emerged in recent years, offers unique and exciting advantages to thin client customers.

IGEL offers VDI compliance in addition to all the other digital services available in its Linux firmware. This includes terminal emulation, Citrix ICA, NoMachine NX, VoIP, Java and native SAP. By offering VDI compliance as an addition to its firmware and not as a unique, single-function product, organisations can pick and chose the right protocols to access their server-based infrastructures. This gives a better user experience, reduces the required server investment and allows devices to be consolidated, such as a virtual PC and a telephone.

IGEL will make the new Linux firmware available across its broad and advanced product range, giving customers many unique benefits. Older PCs can be converted to VDI capable thin clients for just £95/139 (+VAT) with IGEL's PC conversion card. Dual monitor support is available in all popular form factors and all devices come with SmartCard support and powerful remote management software.

The benefits of Leostream Connection Broker, which must be bought separately from the IGEL Linux thin clients, include:
o Desktops can be remotely managed and assigned to users from a pool and be returned to the pool after use in order to efficiently use the available computing power.
o Single sign-on avoids the need to re-enter usernames and passwords.
o Integration with existing remote desktop viewer avoids the need for Java, ensuring a highly responsive user experience.
o Support for a wide range of remote desktop protocols enables the complexity of the backend system to be hidden from the user - they just login and are automatically connected to the appropriate resource using the necessary connectivity.
o Zero user retraining - hosted desktops look and behave like physical desktops.

"This is yet further evidence of IGEL delivering on its digital services thin client vision," said Stephen Yeo, worldwide strategic marketing director for IGEL Technology. "IGEL's Linux thin clients can now deliver VDI alongside a host of other digital services such as Citrix ICA, terminal emulation, VoIP, Web, Java, native SAP, and streaming media. Combined with our broad and award winning hardware range, customers will be able to deploy virtual desktops anywhere in their organisations and combine them with other digital services such as VoIP."

VDI compliance will be available across all IGEL Linux thin clients from July 27th 2007. Existing IGEL customers will also be able to download, from www.igel.com, the latest version of the firmware and upgrade their IGEL Linux thin clients [1] free of charge

[1] Depending upon the thin client's flash memory capacity and compatibility.

About IGEL Technology
IGEL Technology is one of the world's top 5 thin client vendors and is market leader in its home country of Germany (2006 IDC). The company produces the industry's widest range of thin clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, giving customers access to the richest set of digital services through the very powerful, IGEL designed, firmware. All IGEL thin clients come with the bundled, easy to use, IGEL Remote Management software, giving customers maximum remote control with the minimum cost and hassle.

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