IGBTs target energy-saving ballasts and converters.

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Utilizing lifetime-control techniques, PowerMESH(TM) STGxL6NC60D Series minimizes energy loss during turn off, allowing designers to use IGBT technology in energy-sensitive circuits such as 70-150 W lighting ballasts operating well above 20 kHz. Switching performance also allows designers to use IGBTs with hard-switching topologies as well as with resonant circuits. Lower turn-off energy enables devices to operate at low junction temperature with small snubber capacitor.

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STMicroelectronics Advances IGBT Switching Performance for Higher Efficiency and Reduced Size in Energy-Saving Ballasts and Converters

Ultra-low turn-off energy boosts efficiency and enables higher operating frequencies

GENEVA, May 13 /-- STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), a world leader in power semiconductors, has introduced IGBTs that use innovative and efficient lifetime-control techniques to reduce energy loss during turn off. New devices, including the STGxL6NC60D 600V PowerMESH(TM) IGBT, allow designers to use robust, low-cost IGBT technology in energy-sensitive circuits such as lighting ballasts operating well above 20kHz, achieving greater overall efficiency than standard-technology MOSFETs.

The improvements in switching performance also allow designers to use IGBTs highly competitive designs with hard-switching topologies as well as with resonant circuits. In addition, the lower turn-off energy allows the device to operate at low junction temperature with a small snubber capacitor, leading to greater benefits including reduced power dissipation, greater reliability and a smaller footprint.

Compared to conventional MOSFETs, ST's new IGBT technology delivers significantly better performance per die area, to enable a reduced-cost solution. As a further benefit, a co-packaged ultra-fast soft-recovery diode ensures high dV/dt immunity not achievable with other power devices. Applications for this new range of hyper-fast IGBTs include high-frequency lighting ballasts from 70W to 150W, as well as switched-mode power supplies, power-factor controllers and other high-frequency power-switching applications.

The four devices that make up the STGxL6NC60D series provide a choice of power packages, with TO-220, TO-220FP, DPAK and D2PAK options. Prices start at $0.35 for the STGPL6NC60D in the TO-220 package, for orders over five million pieces.

Further information is available at www.st.com/vregs

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