IGBT Gate-Driver Hybrid provides plug-in solution.

Press Release Summary:

Offered in 90 x 36 mm single-in-line package, 3-phase Model GDBD4410 incorporates noise-immune, pulse-transformer technology to transmit galvanic-isolated pulses to drive 6-pack IGBT inverter modules. Turnkey solution provides 7 gate-drive signals up to ±2 A peak per gate, noise immunity in dv/dt environments exceeding 50 kV/µs, and outputs that provide on-chip generated negative gate voltage. It utilizes IXBD4410/11 IC chip set.

Original Press Release:

IGBT' 3-Phase Gate Driver Hybrid Provides "Plug-In" Solution for Driving and Protecting Inverter IGBT Modules

Santa Clara, CA - December 5, 2003 - IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: SYXI) today announced the availability of a new IGBT Gate Driver Hybrid in a single-in-line (SIL) package, mountable on top of a PCB. The GDBD4410 3-phase gate driver incorporates IXYS' noise-immune pulse transformer technology to transmit "galvanic" isolated gate current pulses to drive six-pack IGBT inverter modules including a seventh IGBT for an optional brake unit for industrial AC motor drives. The GDBD4410 is designed to interface to IXYS' complete family 1200V CBI (Converter-Brake-Inverter) modules up to 50A/1200V, such as the MUBWxx-12A/E7/8 series.

The GDBD4410, measuring 90x36mm, is an extremely compact turnkey solution providing seven high-output gate-drive signals of up to +/- 2A peak per gate. A major performance advantage is its excellent noise immunity in high dv/dt environments exceeding 50kV/us, which is far superior to the Opto-coupled approach. The outputs also provide an on-chip generated negative gate voltage to inhibit potential Miller-induced IGBT turn-off created by the freewheeling diode. The result is a very robust "plug-in" solution for industrial drive applications operating up to 20kHz where high reliability in adverse conditions is required.

The core element is the well-known IXYS gate drive IC chip set, the IXBD4410/11, which gives this hybrid its small size and footprint. The embedded chip set enables many additional features such as short circuit and under-voltage protection with a zero-volt referenced fault signal flag for monitoring both high and low side drivers enabling excellent system protection. The GDBD4410 is directly TTL/CMOS compatible and only requires a single 15V power supply.

The GDBD4410 is intended to enable OEM and system designers to rapidly deploy high power inverters without the complex and often difficult exercise of designing robust gate drive circuits to interface with IGBT modules. It is ideal for AC drives and DC servos, spindle drives and large UPS inverters. The GDBD4410 is now immediately available in sample quantities.

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