ifm efector Introduces Non-Contact, Fail-Safe Inductive Sensor and Multi-Function Relay Approved for Safety Applications

June 18, 2007 - ifm efector introduces a new fail-safe inductive sensor that does not require a coded magnet or keyed target for safe operation. The wear-free, one-piece solution replaces the traditional two-piece safety switch by integrating ifm's patented, non-contact inductive sensing principle that is rated up to Category 4 according to EN954-1 for safety applications. Similar to an inductive proximity sensor,ifm's fail-safe sensor can detect any standard metal target such as stainless or mild steel. The sensor's extended sensing range - up to 15 mm - provides a high tolerance to misalignment and nuisance tripping in shock and vibration environments.

The fail-safe sensor can be used to monitor critical safety applications that include high-speed door monitoring, open and closed valve position, machine part presense, escalators and lift position, and the travel range of robots and robotic arms.

The compact 40 x 40 mm fail-safe sensor offers reliable sensing using ifm's "window technology" that continuously detects a target within its enable zone - or window. If the target moves outside its enable zone,the sensor will fail safe. The window technology also compensates for conventional approach angles and closing door angles. The sensor features setup and output status LEDs and two safety PNP switching outputs. The fail-safe sensor can be connected to any standard safety relay or safety PLC currently available in the market.

ifm is also introducing a new multi-function safety relay that is compatible with industry standard safety devices that include e-stops, light curtains, protective guards, two-hand controls and safety sensors. ifm's versatile, all-in-one safety relay eliminates the need for multiple product-specific relays and reduces relay stock levels.

The relay features two contacts that are rated up to 6A and a solid-state auxiliary non-safety output. Dual channel safety devices can be configured to monitor simultaneous logic and cross-fault detection across the inputs. The compact housing is only 22.5 mm,providing up to 50% space savings in a control cabinet. ifm's safety relay is certified IEC 61508, EN 954-1, EN 574 type IIIC.

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