ID Card Group Offers How-to Resources and Checklists for Choosing and Ordering HID Proximity (Prox) Cards

- Find Helpful Resources for Programming, Formatting, Comparing, and Ordering HID Proximity Cards at ID Card Group's Blog

- Learn How HID Prox Cards are Programmed and Read

- Compare Read Ranges & Simplify Ordering with a Programming Checklist

West Sacramento, CA - ID Card Group, a leading provider of ID card printers, ID systems, supplies, and accessories has published four helpful resources for choosing and ordering HID cards.

Proximity cards and credentials use contactless integrated circuit technology to transmit security data or payment information securely from a distance - without card swiping.

HID prox cards and HID iClass contactless credentials are the gold standard in proximity technology.

But, with a multitude of standard to customizable options, HID prox cards can be complicated to order.

How an HID Proximity (Prox) Card is Read outlines the basics of an HID access control system and its elements and diagrams how a card is read and authenticated.

How to Program HID Proximity Cards helps customers understand the information required in the ordering process - including card formatting choices and appearance options. An example order for one of the most popular configurations, the HID 1326 Clamshell Prox Card, is provided for reference.

The HID Prox Card Programming Checklist highlights the most important considerations when ordering and programming HID prox cards. It helps customers determine their specific facility requirements and preferences before ordering.

Compare HID Proximity Cards compares the read ranges and other select features of the most popular HID Prox cards, keyfobs, and tags. An all-inclusive HID Prox Card comparison chart, covering all 125 kHz Proximity cards, is available for download.

ID Card Group will publish similar comparison resources for HID iClass credentials and Indala proximity cards in the near future.

HID iClass contactless cards, keys, and tags are a series of 13.56 MHz HID credentials that support high-security access control applications such as biometric authentication, cashless vending, and PC log on security.

Indala prox cards feature FlexSecur® technology, which provides an added level of access control security through a verification process at the reader.

ID Card Group's helpful resources are offered to help customers educate themselves about choices and options before ordering. While sample configurations and examples are provided for reference, any configuration is possible. ID Card Group routinely walks customers through the ordering process and encourages customers to call in with questions or special requirements.

ID Card Group offers every type of HID prox card and iClass credential - including Clamshell cards, ISO Cards, Key Fobs and Adhesive Prox Patches - that can be customized to fit any access control system. Each prox card is backed by ID Card Group's low price guarantee, as are all products and brands in the store.

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