ICP Spectrometer measures spectrum in less than 3 seconds.

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CIROS VISION combines circular array technology and analytical software to determine trace level concentrations of difficult substances, such as halogens, in the presence of major elements. Wavelength coverage of 125-770 nm enables use of 98% of prominent emission lines. True total spectra reprocessing eliminates post-analysis errors. Software simplifies methods development and application template development, and allows automatic unattended operation of analyzer.

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SPECTRO's New ICP Introduced at Pittcon Show

Enhancements to popular CIROS spectrometer yield numerous operational improvemnents for users

Fitchburg, MA - March 19, 2004 - Spectro Analytical Instruments, a leading global supplier of spectrometers for scientific and industrial applications, recently released a new ICP spectrometer at the PittCon Show in Chicago. Designated CIROS VISION, the new spectrometer incorporates a number of technological enhancements designed to provide end-users better overall analytical performance than is currently available. Historically, Spectro has pioneered many of the new optical and analytical technologies employed in Inductively Coupled Plasma spectrometry.

The CIROS (CIRcular Optical System) VISION spectrometer combines patented circular array optical technology, leading-edge analytical software, advanced high-reliability components, and innovative ergonomic packaging. It offers users outstanding analytical performance, including simultaneous, high precision measurement of the entire spectrum in less than 3 seconds, and determination of trace level concentrations of difficult substances such as halogens in the presence of major elements.

Among the key hardware features of the new CIROS VISION are:
o Enhanced 125nm-770nm wavelength coverage -- enabling effective use of 98% of all prominent emission lines
o Extended VUV performance -- for improved detection limits, and higher accuracy
o Simultaneous measurement and background correction -- for ultra high precision and unmatched sensitivity
o High speed processing (only 3 seconds for the complete spectrum) -- for greatly reduced blooming and extended dynamic range
o Unique, "true" total spectra reprocessing -- for full traceability of results, easy method modification, retrospective analyses, and elimination of post-analysis errors
o Patented optical plasma interface -- for enhanced linearity and a 10x sensitivity improvement over conventional methods
o Patented UV Plus(TM) chamber technology -- for up to $6,000 per year savings thanks to no use of purging gases
o Robust generator and power supply -- for optimal performance even under extreme loads, with difficult matrices, and for high concentrations of total dissolved solids

The new instrument's complementary software is designed to simplify complex processes such as methods development, application template development, and automatic unattended operation of the analyzer. Software features include:
o Intuitive MS Windows-like design -- for exceptionally easy operation, multi-tasking capabilities, advanced data security, and dozens of user definable functions
o MS Outlook-like operational features -- featuring a job-oriented user interface with up to five optional main views
o Convenient Docking Windows -- including user configurable displays for simultaneous viewing of analyses, spectra/calibration, etc., plus versatile automatic data storage and output options
o Powerful "One-Click" Method Development -- with numerous sample analysis options, regression and interference correction, flexible application templates, and import/export capabilities
o Easily configurable sample logic -- including limits comparisons, out-of-tolerance highlighting, and programmable event handling
o Full data reprocessing -- with storage of the complete spectrum for every measurement, post measurement editing of all line parameters, and retrospective analysis of previously measured samples
o Powerful script languages -- for easy-to-use batch mode operations, and dozens of automation functions designed to help simplify complex analytical tasks

In addition, the new CIROS VISION spectrometer incorporates a number of packaging enhancements designed to simplify operation and reduce maintenance costs. They include more compact dimensions, shorter fluid paths, better positioning of accessories, use of corrosion resistant components and coatings, provision for remote control via Web-Cam access, easier access to connection points, and dozens of others.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc. is recognized worldwide as a technological leader in Inductively Coupled Plasma, Arc/ Spark Glow Discharge, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. For more information of the exciting new CIROS VISION ICP spectrometer, write to SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc., 160 Authority Drive, Fitchburg, MA 01420; call (798) 342-3400, or 800-548-5809; or visit the company 's web site at speciro-ai.com

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