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Labels, Labels, which one to choose Direct Thermal (DT) or Thermal Transfer (TT) Labels? IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. can aid you in choosing the right one and save you money. DT labels are generally more expensive with a nice glossy finish. DT labels are coated and uncoated with ink that creates the image directly on the printed material. Also, Direct Thermal labels don't require ribbons. Thermal Transfer labels can be less expensive than DT labels and can either be uncoated or coated as well as require ribbons to print.

There is a stark difference between uncoated and coated paper labels. Coated paper commonly creates well-defined vibrant images and is glossier than uncoated paper. It also can tear easier than uncoated paper and bleed if it gets wet. Uncoated paper soaks up more than coated paper.

Last year, prices for materials went up drastically causing IC-TAG and many other label companies to raise prices on Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer labels.

"IC-TAG helped me save by recommending us to use uncoated DT labels, which allowed us to keep using premium labels without a price increase," said Mary from TCC Miami Co.

Deciding which one to choose depends on the application of the labels. The retail and food industry commonly use direct thermal labels for items that have a low-shelf life since its ink fades away fast and is susceptible to light and heat. DT labels are easy to use and can be printed at high speeds. TT Labels are generally utilized in logistics because they are known for their durability that can endure tough environmental, physical and chemical conditions. Choosing the right ribbons, printers and labels is vitally important in saving you money. Let IC-TAG help you choose the right labels to track and manage your assets.

IC-TAG is the one-stop shop place for all of your label printing needs. It produces superior labels and sells thermal transfer printers for compliance labeling, warehouse logistics, access control, asset tracking, baggage tagging and retail labeling.

IC-TAG's(TM) product line offers a variety of high-quality Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer label sizes made with top coated, vivid white label material and durable permanent adhesive. Its labels are designed to print on various packaging materials such as corrugated metal, glass, plastic, food labeling and freezing temperature products. Their direct thermal and thermal transfer labels are made of uncoated paper, coated paper or film.

Additionally, all of the labels have a trailing liner at the end of each roll so you never waste labels. IC-TAG(TM) also offers a fast order turnaround and no rush charges. Some of IC-TAG's most popular label sizes include 4"x1", 4"x2", "4x3", 4"x4", 4"x6" and 5"x8.5." IC-TAG can also customize label sizes, shapes, materials and adhesives to meet your specifications. IC-TAG's(TM) team is well-informed and experienced in aiding customers to choose the best priced products for them.

Another price increase is on the horizon. But IC-TAG's team can aid you in avoiding the price increase by suggesting labels for your current applications that will work well and save you money.

To learn more about IC-TAG's(TM) label products, please visit www.ictagsolutions.com.

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