IC-Chip Package promotes green manufacturing.

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Intended for semiconductor packaging, EoPlex xLC(TM) clean-tech lead carrier provides replacement for lead frames currently used in QFN type packages. Green process eliminates etching and plating requirements, and complete packages can have 2-500+ leads and still measure less than 300 microns thick. This sintered composite with engineered microstructure suits portable electronics applications, including cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, GPS, cameras, and wireless devices.

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New Clean-Tech, High Performance IC-Chip Package Announced by EoPlex, Inc.

- xLC(TM) lead carrier extends the range of QFN-type packaging with improved performance and cost

- EoPlex is raising capital to expand production and build factories in customer locations

- Company is part of the trend in 'green' innovation in manufacturing

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. --EoPlex, Inc. today announced availability of its new high performance, clean-tech lead carrier for semiconductor packaging. The product, known as EoPlex xLC(TM), is a cost-effective replacement for the lead frames currently used in QFN (Quad Flat No Lead) type packages. QFNs are the fastest growing packaging segment, because they typically are the smallest and least expensive package. However, conventional QFN lead frames are limited in performance due to design restrictions of the current processes. In addition, they require etching and plating steps that create waste chemicals. EoPlex xLC(TM) overcomes these design restrictions in a green process that eliminates etching and plating. Size and cost advantages of QFN packages can now be applied to devices that were limited to more expensive and bulkier packaging technology.

EoPlex xLC(TM) is a sintered composite with an engineered microstructure that is based on the company's proprietary materials and processing technology. With EoPlex xLC(TM), complete packages can have from 2 to 500+ leads and still be less than 300 microns thick, or about the thickness of a sheet of photo paper. EoPlex supplies xLC(TM) carriers to customers in the semiconductor, packaging and assembly industries. Initial applications are in portable electronics including: cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, GPS, cameras and wireless devices.

Arthur L. Chait, CEO of EoPlex, said "It's very rewarding to introduce a product that combines clean technology with performance and cost advantages for our customers. The EoPlex xLC(TM) fills a real need in a global market and represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity for EoPlex. We see this as part of a growing trend where clean manufacturing actually results in a better product and a lower cost." EoPlex currently has a small factory at its headquarters in Redwood City, California and plans to open full-size factories in locations that best support its customers. EoPlex will be raising an expansion round of capital in 2011 and interested parties should contact Arthur L. Chait directly at achait@eoplex.com.

About EoPlex, Inc. EoPlex is a private company backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, ATA Ventures, Labrador Ventures and Draper-Richards. More information is at www.eoplex.com.

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