IBEROFON CZ Relies on Symbol Wireless and Mobile Computers for Stock Recording

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 30 -- Symbol Technologies, Inc (NYSE: SBL), The Enterprise Mobility Company(TM), today announced that IBEROFON CZ, a leading manufacturer of moldings for the automotive and electrical industry, will use Symbol MC9000 mobile computers, MC50 Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDA), WS5100 wireless switches and AP300 access ports as a part of its new wireless barcode production recording system. IBEROFON will use Symbol mobile computers to collect essential information from barcodes for tracking inventory and for the production system. The information stored on the labels will also enable the identification and traceability of materials and intermediate products such as molds, engine parts or car lights.

Each year, IBEROFON produces more than 45 million products for both local and domestic customers from the automotive and electrical industries. The implementation of the wireless barcode production recording system has enabled IBEROFON to eliminate discrepancies between real stock counts and the figures indicated in the information system. In addition, the new system now enables real-time communications and decision-making and has helped to streamline the inventory process and reduce the volume of stock held in inventory. Since the project began, Kastek reported a reduction in the total value of stock it carries in its warehouses by 40 percent, enabling the organization to reinvest the savings in other parts of the business.

"Previously, stock data was written on paper and then it was re-written by other workers into the system," said Michal Kovarik, IT manager from IBEROFON. "This process was very inefficient and data entry errors were common, causing discrepancies between the real and recorded status. We selected Symbol for the quality, reliability and ruggedness of its products, as well as for its prompt and efficient service capabilities."

IBEROFON decided to implement a wireless barcode production recording system solution from Symbol Technologies and local partner Combitrading based on the recommendation of an independent consultant that researched the market using selection criteria like price, performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

"In addition, the new solution has also helped to bring together the individual departments of IBEROFON which previously did not share information with each other. Having accurate data from the inventory and production systems available to workers throughout the company has encouraged greater collaboration and exchange of information than ever before," continued Kovarik. "The system has also opened the door to new logistical possibilities for the company. IBEROFON already plans to extend the system through production recording, including operation monitoring for individual pressing machines, in the near future."

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