i-Thermotek 2700 Film Thermal Shrinkage Tester--Film Test


i-Thermotek 2700 Film Thermal Shrinkage Tester is designed to test the shrinking force, contracting force, and shrinkage ratio of various heat-shrinkable films .

Test Procedures

A: Prepare test specimen according to specific standards

B: Mount the test specimen properly. The sample grips on the left of each station are used to test the shrinking force and contracting force. The sample grips on teh right of each station are used to measure the displacement after shrinkage. The test specimen should be stretched straight properly. Do not apply too much force when mounting the specimen otherwise the load cell may be damaged.

C: Select test mode and set up test parameters. Start the test when the temperature inside the heating cell reaches the preset value.

D: When the detected force for the specimen declines to 70% of the maximum value, the test would be finished and the specimen would be sent out of the heating cell. View the test curves and record the test results. If the test curve or result is not satisfactory, perform another test with new specimen.

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