I/O System offers modular design.

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Model ADAM-8000 Distributed Control I/O System can be configured with CPU, communication interface, and various I/O modules. It supports Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus CanOpen and Modbus modules. System is configurable as remote I/O system through Fieldbus networking. With distributed type, multi-function and flexible communication, ADAM-8000 can be installed in factory automation, motion control, process automation, and building automation.

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Advantech's ADAM-8000 The New Generation Distributed Control I/O System

Advantech is proud to announce the latest addition to its ADAM family --- the ADAM-8000, a Distributed Control I/O System. In order to enhance the ADAM's functionality in critical control applications, the ADAM-8000 was designed as a deterministic I/O system to meet discrete, deterministic, robust and reliable
requirements. The ADAM-8000 extends the ADAM family, creating a fully functional product group including data acquisition modules, Ethernet I/O modules and control I/O systems.

The ADAM 8000's flexible features make it a leader in the I/O market. Its modular design can be configured as a control system by selecting preferred CPU, communication interface, and various I/O modules. Setting itself apart from a standard PLC, the ADAM-8000 boasts a number of advantages:

1. Easy module expansion back plane design
2. Support for all popular Field bus modules including: Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus, CanOpen and Modbus
3. Support for Ethernet communication for eWorld connection
4. Low cost ownership for all purpose I/O modules
5. Industrial standard, easy-to-use control strategic configuration tool
6. Configurable as a remote I/O system through Fieldbus networking.

These advantages make the ADAM-8000 the latest revolutionary I/O system. Its capabilities are valuable in both the PLC's domain market as well as the modern PC-based control solution.

In order to bring the eAutomation concept to the factory floor, the ADAM-8000 plays a key role as a fundamental control I/O system in the eAutomation architecture. With distributed type, multi-function and flexible communication, the ADAM-8000 can be widely installed in factory automation, motion control, process automation and building automation. The ADAM-8000 can work
collaboratively with Advantech's web-based gateway, WebLINK, and web-based HMI/SCADA software, A-Studio, to construct a modern state-of-the-art web-enabled control system with guaranteed low-cost of ownership.

For more information on the ADAM-8000 or any of Advantech's products visit advantech.com/ia. Call center: 877-294-8989. Info@advantech.com.

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