I/O Modules target industrial control applications.

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Compact,16-channel FieldPoint Model cFP/FP-DIO-550 digital I/O module measures 8 digital inputs with range of 11-30 Vdc with 250 mA per channel. It delivers 250 V CAT II safety isolation to backplane, as well as interfacing for discrete sensors and actuators. Eight-channel analog input module, Model cFP-AI-118 measures 8 analog inputs at 16-bit resolution and offers 10 kS/s per channel sampling rate with range of 0 to 1, 5, 10, or 15 V, and ±1, ±5, ±10, or ±15 V.

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New NI Compact FieldPoint Modules Offer High-Channel-Count Digital I/O

AUSTIN, Texas - March 3,2005 - National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) today announced two new Compact FieldPoint devices that offer engineers and machine builders improvements for their control systems, including reducing the number of required modules and significantly reducing system jitter.

The new NI cFP/FP-DIO-550 is a 16-channel digital input/digital output module that measures eight digital inputs with a range of 11 to 30 VDC and sources eight outputs from 10 to 30 VDC with 250 mA per channel. It offers both digital input and digital output channels, effectively replacing two modules with a single module. The cFP/FP-DIO-550 also delivers 250 V CAT II safety isolation to backplane, as well as interfacing for discrete sensors and actuators. This module offers a user-selectable input filter and has a range of 1 µs to 65 ms. Engineers building advanced control systems can configure the cFP/FP-DIO-550 so that digital outputs activate only when the states of digital input channels match specific patterns.

The second new module, cFP-AI-118, is an eight-channel analog input module that measures eight analog inputs at 16-bit resolution and offers a 10 kS/s per channel sampling rate with a range of zero to 1, 5, 10 or 15 V, and ±1, ±5, ±10 or ±15 V. In addition to high resolution and simultaneous sampling, the cFP-AI-118 is designed on a new architecture that offers a dual port memory module, significantly reducing system jitter. The cFP-AI-118 also features 750 Vrms channel-to-channel isolation and 2,300 Vrms channel-to-backplane isolation, verified by a one-minute dielectric withstand test.

These devices are ideal for industrial control applications that require multiple types of inputs and outputs in one bank, or where high-voltage channel-to-channel isolation is essential due to ground loops and similar conditions that could damage control equipment.

About Compact FieldPoint
The Compact FieldPoint platform is ideal for high-vibration applications, withstanding 50 g of shock and 5 g of RMS vibration, even when mounted on heavy machinery or in vehicles. Compact FieldPoint operates in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C, so users can run embedded LabVIEW applications in extreme environments where many industrial PCs fail. Compact FieldPoint and FieldPoint modules are categorized in a new programmable controller option called PAC, an embedded industrial platform that combines the best features of the PC - such as the processor, RAM and powerful software - with the reliability, ruggedness and distributed nature of the PLC. Readers may learn more about NI PAC offerings by visiting http://www.ni.com/pac.

About National Instruments
National Instruments (www.ni.com) is a technology pioneer and leader in virtual instrumentation - a revolutionary concept that has changed the way engineers and scientists in industry, government and academia approach measurement and automation. Leveraging the PC and its related technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and lowers costs through easy-to-integrate software, such as the NI Lab VIEW graphical development environment, and modular hardware, such as PXI modules for data acquisition, instrument control and machine vision. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 3,100 employees and direct operations in approximately 40 countries. In 2004, the company sold products to more than 25,000 companies in 90 countries. For the past six years, FORTUNE magazine named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America. Readers may obtain investment information from the company's investor relations department by calling (512) 683-5090, by sending e-mail to nati@ni.com or by visiting http://www.ni.com/nati.

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