I/O Modules operate in -4 to +140°F temperature range.

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WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 Series includes fieldbus couplers for CANopen, Modbus, and Ethernet; digital I/O modules; analog I/O modules; and special function modules such as serial communication modules. Modules feature 2, 4, or 8 channel granularity in 12 x 64 x 100 package size, and support applications that typically reside outdoors, such as pump stations, electrical sub-stations, and temperature controlled containers.

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Ice Cold I/O

Germantown, WI - 2006 - WAGO Corporation is pleased to announce the 750 Series WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is now offered in extended temperature ranges of -20 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius (or -4 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit). Achieved through continuous enhancement of component selection, design, and materials, as well as conformal coating of the PCBs, the extended temperature I/O offering has a growing list of over to 20 different part numbers to choose from.

"The addition of extended temperature range I/O is just one example of how the 750 Series WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM has continued to expand and meet customer requirements for more than 10 years now," said Mark DeCramer, Advanced Electronics Product Manager at WAGO. "With this offering, we are now able to better support applications that typically reside outdoors, such as pump stations, electrical sub-stations, temperature controlled containers, etc."

Included in the initial offering are, fieldbus couplers (for CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet - both EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP or UDP), digital I/O modules, analog I/O modules, and special function modules (such as serial communication modules). Offered in the same compact design as the original 750 Series, these modules boast 2, 4, or 8 channel granularity in a package size of just 12mm wide x 64mm high x 100mm long. Expansion of both the I/O module and fieldbus coupler offering is expected to continue, as there are currently over 200 I/O modules available in the standard temperature range of 0 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. The extended temperature range modules are currently available from stock with special requests for specific module conversion being accepted.

WAGO is the worldwide leader in spring pressure connection technology designed to eliminate loose wires as a result of vibration and temperature cycling, as well as provide a highly reliable, corrosion resistant, and maintenance-free connection. Our complete line of spring pressure connection products include DIN rail mount terminal blocks, chassis mount terminal blocks, PCB mount terminal blocks, relays, signal conditioners, power supplies, surge suppressors, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM and more.

For more information contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL, info.us@wago.com, or www.wago.us.

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