I/O Card detects change of state.

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Plug-and-play PCI-IDIO-16 I/O PCI utility card provides 16 opto-isolated digital inputs and 16 solid-state FET outputs. Isolated FET outputs, for switching DC signals, are in 3 groups: one group of 8 with complete isolation, and 2 groups of 4 sharing common ground. Input signals are rectified by diode bridge, while constant-current circuit ensures consistent operation. Card is set up via software to generate interrupt whenever digital input changes state.

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Change-of-State Detection PCI I/O Card Provides 16 Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs and 16 Solid-State Outputs

SAN DIEGO-December 2, 2002-ACCES I/O Products introduces its PCI-IDIO-16, a low-cost PCI utility card with sixteen each opto-isolated digital inputs and solid-state FET outputs. The non-polarized, optically isolated (signal to signal, signal to ground) inputs may be driven by either AC or DC sources ranging from 2.5V to 50V, allowing smooth data flow even in noisy environments. The sixteen isolated FET outputs for switching DC signals are in three groups, eight with complete isolation, and two groups of four sharing a common ground. Fully protected solid-state outputs are inherently more reliable than electromechanical relays and give system architects a more robust product to design with.

Input signals to the PCI-IDIO-16 are rectified by a diode bridge and applied to opto-isolator inputs; a constant current circuit ensures consistent operation across the dynamic input range. The card is set up via software to generate an interrupt whenever one or more of the digital inputs changes state, eliminating the need for constant polling and reducing processor overhead. Globally and individually controlled filters are also turned on or off via software to prevent false response to noisy input signals, or for use with AC signals.

The PCI-IDIO-16's I/O is accessed via a 78-pin DBF connector on the card's mounting bracket. Available as an option is a molded breakout cable (model CAB78-37/2) that divides the pins into two DB37F connectors. ACCES I/O also offers a kit (model STB-37/2 Kit) which includes the CAB78-37/2 cable and two STB-37 Screw Terminal Cards that mount into a one-foot length of Snap-Trak.

Designed for use in environments of 0° to 70° C with non-condensing relative humidity ranges of 5-95%, the PCI-IDIO-16 is a half-length card and measures 6.8 inches (173mm) long.

A plug-and-play device, the digital I/O card is automatically detected under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and eliminates setting base addresses or IRQ switches. Included with each PCI card is a CD with PCI-IDIO-16 utility software, and card-specific samples in a variety of languages for programming the FET outputs and monitoring the inputs. A generic IRQ driver and sample are provided to simplify interrupt-based programming. A Linux sample is also provided.

ACCES I/O Products, a leading manufacturer of IBM-compatible, PC/104, and remote wireless analog, and digital I/O boards and accessories, offers over 50 models in its line of PCI bus data acquisition cards. All come with a 30-day, no-risk return policy and a three-year warranty. For further information, visit the company's web site at accesioproducts.com.

Price: $309, PCI-IDIO-16; $70, Cable Model CAB78-37/2; $159, Kit Model STB-37/2 Kit

Availability/Delivery: Now; Stock to one week ARO

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