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I-Joist features pre-cut holes to aid installation.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 28, 2007 - Capable of supporting roof loads over large open spaces and high ceilings, XJ 85(TM) Wood I Beam(TM) joist offers strategically placed openings through which builders and contractors can install plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. Pre-cut holes facilitate installation while reducing waste at jobsite. Resistant to shrinking, twisting, and warping, prefabricated I-joist does not employ any metal plate connectors.

Original Press Release

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products Introduces New Generation of I-Joists

Press release date: Aug 20, 2007

ATLANTA, Aug. 20 -- Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC continues to develop innovative solutions for builders and contractors with the introduction of the new XJ 85(TM) Wood I Beam(TM) joist. The XJ 85 joist is the only prefabricated I-joist of its kind, with strategically placed openings through which builders can easily install plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. The XJ 85 joist offers builders and contractors lower installed cost due to fewer callbacks, and the pre-cut holes allow for quicker installation and reduced waste on the jobsite.

In addition to ease of installation, the XJ 85 joist provides a high level of performance because high quality wood components are the basis of this product. XJ 85 joists are capable of supporting roof loads over long spans such as large open spaces and high ceilings, plus they resist shrinking, twisting and warping. The new joists are a strong, durable choice for builders and contractors.

"Georgia-Pacific is committed to continuously offering the highest quality wood products and innovative solutions for our target audience," says Mark Atkins, vice president of sales and marketing for Georgia-Pacific Wood Products. "This new XJ 85 Wood I Beam joist allows builders and contractors more flexibility and quicker installation."

The new XJ 85 joist benefits builders and contractors in many other ways:

-- Consistent quality results in fewer callbacks and lower installed cost; -- No metal plate connectors makes it a safer product; and -- Better price predictability allows builders to forecast long-term projects and also consistent pricing across multiple projects.

The XJ 85 joist will be available to purchase through BlueLinx, the industry's leading building products distribution company with a nationwide network and widely available supply of engineered lumber product offerings.

For more information about XJ 85 joists and Georgia-Pacific Wood Products, please visit the newly redesigned Georgia-Pacific Building Products web site at To learn more about BlueLinx, please call 888-502-BLUE or visit

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