Hysteresis Brakes provide tension control.

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Large Bore Brakes consist of pole/case assembly mounted in stationary position within machine, and rotor, which is shaft mounted concentrically within pole/case assembly. Large ID accommodates wire feed directly through brake, while rotor mounted to tape supply reel provides required tension. Brakes offer speed capabilities to 3,000 rpm and intermittent loads up to 2,400 W. Torque is independent of speed and is available in ratings up to 12 Nm.

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Magtrol's Large Bore Brakes for Superior Tension Control

Buffalo, NY - Magtrol's Large Bore Brakes are a uniquely designed Hysteresis Brake that contain a large inside diameter to accommodate wire feed directly through the brake, while the rotor mounted to a tape supply reel, provides the required tension. These brakes consist of two primary parts: a pole/case assembly and a rotor. The pole/case assembly is usually mounted in a stationary position within the machine, while the rotor is shaft mounted concentrically within the pole/case assembly.

The brakes operate with absolute smoothness providing superior repeatability, quiet operation and a long, stable maintenance-free life, without the use of magnetic particles or friction components. Torque is independent of speed, and is available in ratings up to 12 Nm, speed capabilities up to 3,000 rpm and intermittent loads up to 2400 watts. The pole/case assembly and rotor are manufactured in standard bore sizes and hole patterns. Variations to the standard dimensions can be made based on customer requirements.

Additional options available include rotor mounting flanges, power supplies, torque-current curves and other coil voltages.

Magtrol's Large Bore Brakes are used for superior tension control for helical wrapping, braiding and other feed through applications in machines used for manufacturing cable, wire, fiber optic cable, rope and tape, among others.

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