Hydrostatic Testing at Crumpton Welding Supply

Don't let the name fool you. Crumpton Welding Supply does more than provide supplies to welders. They also provide a variety of services, and not only to the welding industry.

Hydrostatic testing is a service that is in great demand for scuba diving as well as for welding cylinders. Failure of a cylinder can cause catastrophic damages, and regular testing is mandated by the Department of Transportation.

Crumpton Welding Supply has an impressive will-not-cut-corners-approach to their services, especially when it comes to hydrostatic testing. Their efficient back-end team is capable of testing anywhere between 75 to 100 cylinders per day. Usually, they have about a week's backlog. However, in the Rock Lobster diving season, the backlog could be longer. Approximately half of their hydrostatic testing is done on welding cylinders and the other half on scuba ones.

Hydrostatic testing is a water-based method of testing cylinders for leaks, faults and durability. During the test, the cylinder is immersed in a container filled with water and internal pressure is applied to it, which causes it to expand. This is measured and deductions are made based on the amount the cylinder has expanded or contracted. If the results prove unsatisfactory, the cylinder is discarded.

Once the hydrostatic test is done, the cylinders are marked with an identification number and date. This serves as a record of the tests the cylinder has undergone and is imperative for future testing.

The interval for performing this test on a cylinder varies, depending on the specification of the cylinder. Most scuba cylinders, for instance, have to be retested every five years to 5/3 times the service pressure.

Wrong testing, or the lack of it, can cause a cylinder to explode. It is, thus, extremely important that the markings on any cylinder be looked at carefully before it is retested.

Crumpton Welding Supply is a Florida-based company specializing in welding supplies and gasses. Their array of services includes everything from high-quality welding and specialty gas refilling, to hydrostatic and pressure testing and machine repair. In addition, the company also sells an extensive range of related products - welding supplies, chemical products, tools, and equipment needed for testing, filling or re-qualifying cylinders.

For more information, call Charles Crumpton at 813-248-8150 or visit the Crumpton Welding Supply website at www.crumptonws.com

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