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Hydrology Modeling Software includes Microsoft .NET technology.

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Jul 31, 2002 - PondPack® v8.0 allows engineers to model storm water projects of any size from basic site designs to complex regional drainage studies. With .NET framework to simplify GUI, engineers can compute, edit, view, report, and graph results for each element from same tabbed dialog box. PondMaker Design Wizard guides user through maze of pond design steps with constant feedback on how design is progressing. Software includes hydrograph methods, and infiltration and run-off calculations.

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Haestad Methods Releases PondPack® 8.0 with Powerful Microsoft .NET Technology

Press release date: Jul 16, 2002

-Detention Pond Design Made Easy with Haestad Methods' PondPack Version 8.0-

WATERBURY, CT, USA-July 16, 2002-Haestad Methods today announced the release of PondPack Version 8.0, the latest upgrade to its popular urban stormwater management and detention pond design software solution for the civil engineering community. Pre-release users of PondPack 8.0 unanimously agree that it is the fastest and most powerful urban hydrology modeling software in the industry.

With PondPack 8.0, engineering professionals can model stormwater projects of any size from basic site designs to complex regional drainage studies. PondPack 8.0's brand new intuitive interface, graphing and reporting capabilities, and enhanced Project Wizard save modelers hours of manual calculation time by making it simple to analyze pre- and post- development watershed conditions and size ponds and outlets.

"Haestad Methods continues to raise the standard for development of software technology for the stormwater engineering field," said Michael Glazner, Executive Director for Haestad Methods. "PondPack's new open database format and programmable object model provides additional levels of flexibility vital for performing many different types of detention and retention pond design solutions."

Version 8.0 and its dozens of time saving features are available absolutely free to ClientCare(TM) subscribers and are accessible through Haestad Methods' website at: In addition to the wide array of capabilities PondPack already provides, Version 8.0 offers new and enhanced features to increase the productivity and accuracy of urban hydrology modeling, including:

Streamlined Interface-One of the most significant changes in PondPack 8.0 is in the graphical user interface (GUI) and data storage. Microsoft's cutting-edge .NET framework has been used to greatly simplify the Graphical User Interface (GUI), making it easier to learn and faster to use. Engineers can now compute, edit, view, report, and graph results for each element from the same tabbed dialog box.

PondMaker Design Wizard-PondMaker guides users through the maze of pond design steps by providing a step-by-step process with constant feedback on how a design is progressing. With PondMaker, modelers can create a pond design quickly and efficiently, while still having full control over all aspects of the model.

Infiltration and Runoff Calculations-A number of popular infiltration and runoff calculations are now available, allowing the user to accurately solve for runoff depths and volumes for use with hydrograph calculations. Included are the SCS Runoff CN Method; the Green & Ampt Equation; the Horton Equation; initial and average infiltration rates; user-defined infiltration equations; and more.

Hydrograph Methods-PondPack 8.0 gives engineers the flexibility to meet local and regional specifications and regulations. Users can solve hydrographs using the Rational Method, the Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Procedure (SBUH), the SCS Unit Hydrograph Method, or user defined unit hydrographs, and then add and route an unlimited number of hydrographs throughout their watershed.

Improved Reporting-Modelers can now access automatic report previews directly from PondPack's new graphing tools. With PondPack's improved reporting features, users can create custom reports with table of contents and index pages using the new report builder interface and specify custom report filters to save for future projects.

Improved Graphing-With a more effective graphing suite, PondPack 8.0 allows modelers to communicate results effectively by creating scalable color graphics for network diagrams; rainfall curves; flow hydrographs; column, outlet, and channel rating curves; interconnected pond results, and more. All graphs are fully customizable with access to formatting properties such as line thickness; style and color; axis scales; fonts; and titles. Now users can also dynamically compare graphs and save graph settings for future retrieval.

PondObjects(TM)-With the addition of Haestad Methods' patent-pending GEMS(TM) (Geographic Engineering Modeling Systems) technology, PondObjects allows engineers to create custom applications and utilities within any standard programming language and script.

ClientCare Upgrade Protection-The ClientCare Upgrade Protection program provides clients with up-to-date modeling advancements, including automatic software updates and upgrades, access to the online KnowledgeBase, and special promotions and discounts on new products and training. Offered in one- and two-year subscriptions, ClientCare makes it possible for modelers to plan annually for their software needs. For more information about ClientCare, visit: - HC8NYG37

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