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Hydrocyclonic Separator cleans sumps without filter media.

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Hydrocyclonic Separator cleans sumps without filter media.

Feb 04, 2010 - Designed to remove fine granular solids from water-based machine tool coolants, Whirlstream® KLW20 processes 20 gal of coolant/min and can remove up to 75 lb of solids/hr. System draws coolant from existing sump, separates fine solids from coolant, and returns clean, aerated coolant back to sump. To avoid difficulties with intercepting and treating full coolant flow from machine, KLW20 uses kidney loop or side stream separation on existing tank.

Polytech Filtration Systems, Inc. - Hudson, MA

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New Hydrocyclonic Separator Cleans Machine Sumps Without Filter Media

Press release date: Feb 03, 2010


Hudson, MA -- Polytech Filtration Systems, Inc., an industry leading innovator in machine tool coolant filtration, introduces the KLW20 hydrocyclonic separator to remove fine granular solids from water based machine tool coolants without the expense or environmental impact of disposable filter media. The newest member of Polytech's Whirlstream® family of hydrocyclonic separators, the KLW20 processes 20 gallons of coolant per minute and can remove up to 75 pound of solids per hour as it draws coolant from an existing sump separating fine solids from the coolant and returning clean, aerated coolant back to the sump. This protects the machine tool, as well as extending the useful life of the coolant.

To avoid possible difficulties with intercepting and treating the full coolant flow from a machine and leverage any existing investment in tanks and pumps, the KLW20 uses kidney loop or side stream separation on an existing tank to extend and improve coolant performance.

Polytech Engineering Manager Chris Ashley explains, "The key to effective kidney loop or side stream coolant filtration or separation is turning over the coolant fast enough to keep the equilibrium contaminant concentration from reaching a critical level. At a given level of separation efficiency, a 100 gallon tank that is turned over at 3 GPM will have six times more dirt than if the rate of turnover is 20 GPM. Most sump cleaning systems just don't circulate the coolant fast enough to prevent settling and anaerobic activity."

In addition to removing solids, the Whirlstream hydrocyclone entrains air into the low pressure zone in the center of the whirling vortex and mixes it with the clean coolant to thoroughly aerate the coolant and eliminate anaerobic conditions that generate odor problems and cracked coolant emulsions. Polytech designed the KLW20 to be dedicated to an individual machine sump or moved around to service a number of sumps to minimize plant maintenance costs.

Pricing & Availability
Polytech Filtration's KLW20 Kidney Loop Whirlstream® hydrocyclonic separators are available now. Specific system pricing is determined by factors including application and facility requirements of the customer and the number of systems ordered. For more information, a price quote, or further details of additional kidney loop filtration and separation options, contact Polytech customer support at (978) 562-7700, or at

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